I Was Made Bankrupt Six Years Ago in the UK. My Bankruptcy Has Not Been Discharged. – Stewart

“Dear Jon,

hello i was made bankcrupt in 2007 and i have not been discharged yet as there were a few problems they have not been in contact with me for over 5 years but on checking a file i have not been discharged yet………………..my mum died last year and left me some money………the probate have said they have had to let the people know who dealt with my banckupt case about my money i have from my mum………………can they take this money from me…………my debts at the time were well over £89,000………..




Sorry to hear about you losing your mum.

You stated you were made bankrupt in 2007 and have yet to be discharged. I question this as usually bankruptcies are discharged within 12 months. Now you may have received a BRO or bankruptcy restriction order, keeping you under the restrictions of bankruptcy for a longer period, but you still would have been discharged.

Once a bankruptcy has been discharged, unless a BRO is in place, you are no longer under the restrictions of a bankruptcy. If a BRO is still in place, or for some odd reason your bankruptcy has not been discharged, then yes, if you were to receive an inheritance it could be subject to the Official Receiver or Trustee’s approval and they could take it for the bankruptcy.

Have you spoke to the OR who handled your bankruptcy regarding receiving any restriction order?

Where did you inquire about not being discharged?

What problems were there with your bankruptcy?

How much money were you left?

Get back to me an we can look more into this.



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