My Experian Credit Report Still Shows Old Negative Items – Joseph

“Dear Steve,

I just received an investigation report from Equifax that the 03/2008 Collection Account has been fully paid since 03/2010 and is currently reporting a zero balance for this account. Yet, when I printed my 05/21/2013 Credit Report the said account is still listed with Experian and a part of my High Impact Differences.

I also had fully paid my car loan with a Credit Union in 2011 but had some 30 Days Past Dues on it. The loan was made more than 7 years ago and was already removed by Equifax and TransUnion but Experian has refused to do so despite a written request for both entries. It is also a part of my High Impact Differences.

How do I remove both of these bothersome reports without being a pest with Experian?


Dear Joseph,

I need some more information to better understand your situation.

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On the car loan, how long has it been since the time you started to be last delinquent? That’s when the clock starts.

If the last delinquency was less than seven years ago (actually seven years and 180 days) then it can remain on your credit report. Most creditors will remove it around the seven year mark and not wait the last 180 days.

On the collection account it’s not clear from what you shared if the account is listed with Experian with a zero balance or not. Is it still showing as an open account?

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

But generally the things that seem to impact people more than some old items are the lack of new major unsecured creditors who report to the credit bureaus. Without those new items, we can’t drag the credit score up.

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