Debt Relief Industry Do They Comply?

Foreclosure Advisers – Let’s Play Do They Comply

Written by Steve Rhode

A reader sent in a screen shot of a webpage that uses the American flag and the picture of President Obama to essentially sell foreclosure assistance services.

It’s been a while since we played “Do They Comply” where readers leave comments if they think the advertisement does or does not comply with regulations.

This page is for Foreclosure Advisers,, AKA Blacknote Group at 1200 N. Federal Highway, Suite 200, Boca Raton, FL 33432. – Source


When I went to the site just now I did not see the same landing page. I did notice in the fine print this appears to be a lead generators page. It says, “Please note that we may receive compensation from the foreclosure counselors for that introduction.”

However I did find the page under their “Relief Program” page. – Source

The State of Florida says Blacknote Group, LLC is Michael J. Harper, PA, Benn Willcox, Inc, and 323 Ventures, Inc. and actually located at:

NORTH PALM BEACH, FL 33408 – Source

And not a surprise but the Blacknote Group says they are actually a “a lead generation and customer acquisition firm.” – Source

Their website is hosted on the same server as:

Apparently the company specializes in generating leads for “tax advice, mortgage modification, foreclosure defense, debt settlement, local medical assistance, etc.”

Tommy Bussey, CMO and Co-founder explained, “We are passionate about what we do because it works. Online lead generation from quality traffic sources is the most effective way to match prospective customers with the right product or service.”

“The success of our clients is the foundation of our success,” said Michael Harper, CEO and Co-founder. – Source

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Bussey is also the President of 323 Ventures, Inc. – Source

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