How Apps and Smartphones Can Save You Money 

Apart from its basic functions, mobile devices have opened new windows of possibility when it comes to managing our finances. These powerful tools when used smartly can save you money and get you out of debt. In this post, we are going to talk about money-saving apps and ways to cut down your mobile expenses 

Finding the Right Smartphone Saves Money

Before we start discussing about money saving apps, let’s first talk about how to find the smartphone that matches your needs. The best way to avoid buyer’s regret is by taking time to do research about the gadget and plan, which can be quite expensive. Determine first if you really need a smartphone or not. If you have to work even while you are on the go, having a smart device will come in handy.

Apart from getting the right phone, it will save you a lot of cash if you choose the right plan that suits your need. Mobile carriers usually provide their clients with 3 packages:

(1) Pay as You Go
For short period users there are many plans available today that allow you to pay monthly for service without a lock-up period and you can cancel it anytime. It gives you enough hours for calls and number of text messages.

(2) Monthly
Meanwhile, monthly contract are for local users who wants to try certain plan this month and a different one the next. This is advisable for businessmen and entrepreneurs. They can use a higher plan this month when they feel they’ll use their device more and just shift to a lower one after.

(3) Long-term
Lastly, the long-term plan is for local common users. This is usually bundled with a phone. 

Apps That Deliver

Another way to save money is by using apps that are budget friendly. We previously posted some iOS device apps that help you save money. Here are three other budget saving apps you can download for free available on both Android and iOS devices. 

  1. Shop Savvy is a barcode scanner and price checker in a single app. What does it do? It gives a price comparison for products you previously scanned from both online and actual retail shops. In the absence of a barcode, a product can still be searched by typing out the keyword or brand. Once the app finds a shop selling the product, it will provide the directions to the store’s location as well as its contact number. It will even tell you if the item that you’re looking for is in stock, just look for the “blue dot” beside the store’s name. Do you want to save further? Don’t forget to view coupon codes, schedule of sales, special offers from the store and the groupon of the day, all from the same app.
  2. Putting all your discount, rewards, membership and other money saving cards in your wallet makes it bulky and sometimes difficult to carry. You can avoid the inconvenience by using the Card Star app. Aside from consolidating all your cards it also alerts you to available online coupons directly to your virtual card. 
  3. It is easy to keep track of your spending habits when you have Mint. This app automatically creates a budget based on the spending information you key in. It also gives you access to all your personal finances which makes it easy to manage your money. Open an account, add your financial details like bank accounts, loans, credit card information, and take control over your expenditures better. 

Do you have any other apps to recommend? If you are currently using a smartphone, you may also share your experiences on how it helped you to save money. Feel free to leave a comment.

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