InCharge Getting Busy and Chasing Educators

InCharge® Debt Solutions (“InCharge”), a nonprofit credit counseling agency, announced today that its Teach Money program reached the milestone of being completed by more than 1,000 future educators in Central Florida. The program is funded by Chase [Chasing, get it?] and is designed to address one of the fundamental steps outlined by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) in its report “Transforming the Financial Lives of a Generation of Young Americans: Policy Recommendations for Advancing K-12 Financial Education,” (April, 2013).

The CFPB recommendation to “Create consistent opportunities and incentives for teachers to take financial education training with the express intention of teaching financial management to their students,” is directly addressed by Teach Money, which was already under development by InCharge and Chase and designed for students pursuing an Education curriculum.

“A University of Wisconsin research study found that the problem of financial education is that teachers don’t know how or what to teach,” said Karen Carlson, Director of Education at InCharge Debt Solutions. “So we took the approach of developing a financial literacy course for teachers that improves their own financial situation, increases their financial literacy and gives them the tools to teach this to their students.”

InCharge conducted workshops at the Orlando campus of the University of Central Florida (the largest university in Florida and second largest in the nation), and the Cocoa, Florida campus of Brevard Community College.

The 1,000 college students who completed the course will be surveyed and their input will be used to improve both the course and course materials for workshops being planned at various colleges and universities throughout the 2013/14 school year. InCharge also published a 120-page Teach Money workbook given to workshop attendees and Financial Literacy Education Kits are being made available to future teachers throughout the nation. – Source

Hopefully part of that education was an awareness about the two teacher student loan forgiveness programs.

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