I Would Like to Consolidate My Debt, However I’m Having a Difficult Time Finding Someone Who Will – Laurie

“Dear Steve,

I am current of all of my debt. Do not have any past due debt. I do have about 25,000 in credit card debt and would like to consolidate, however am having a difficult time finding someone. Also, my main problem is that I have a Bank of America card fo 12,000 that they just raised my interest rate to 24.99%. I have called and ask them to lower it and they won’t even work with me. Any suggestions?


Dear Laurie,

There are two reasons Bank of America raised your interest rates. The least acceptable reason is because they can. The terms and conditions you signed when you took out the card allow them to raise you rates without much notice at all. The second reason they did might be because your credit report is showing signs that you are becoming a higher credit risk.

If you have not looked at a copy of your consolidated credit report recently then you should. A consolidated credit report, with credit score, will show you all three credit bureau reports and explain exactly why your credit score is what it is.

The most realistic solution in your situation would be to look into participating with a debt management plan to see if the debt management company can get you lower interest rates and a lower payment. Click here for debt management information. Through a debt management program they should lower your interest rate to around 7%.

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