Why is Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS) Spending $18,785 a Day on Online Ads?

I was looking through the visitor logs on the site tonight and saw a link from a site called Keyword Spy. I followed the link back and discovered that the site is pretty cool for checking out what sites are spending on online ads.

A link of a link of a link on the site took me to this page for CCCSstl.org Consumer Credit Counseling Service CCCS of St. Louis. The information on the Keyword Spy site says that CCCS of St. Louis is spending $18,785 a day on online advertisements. Why is a non-profit charity paying that much money to attract people with debt problems?

And then there was this little nugget on a company that portrays itself as a Christen debt counseling service. Again, according to the Keyword Spy site, ChristianDebtConsolidators.net is spending $40,429 per day online ads. I have to ask. Is that what Jesus would do?

The highest paying credit counselor I found online was a company called CareOneCredit.com that is reported to spend $67,672 per day on online ads. That comes out to $2,030,160 per month.

Maybe I’m simply being too cynical here but it strikes me that CCCS of St. Louis could take their monthly online ad budget of $563,550 and the Christian credit counselors could take their monthly budget of $1,212,870 and CareOne could use their $2,000,000 per month of advertising and they could all find a better way to help people with that money rather than simply spending millions of dollars per year paying to compete with each other online to attract debtors.

What do you think?


Steve Rhode

1 thought on “Why is Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS) Spending $18,785 a Day on Online Ads?”

  1. There is no real non-profit organization in our days all want something masked with good intentions.if you wanna help you don’t compete with others, you just compete with your self trying to help as much as you can in the best way possible. if you invest in competition with others you already lost the purpose of helping unconditionally.Now i don’t know how exacts those informations from that site may be but still it’s not normal


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