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“Dear Steve,

We are getting into trouble last year we were good to pay but now we find we are tight for everything and want to save wherever we can if our daughter bails on us we are screwed cause we can’t stop the auto pay which we started and now want to stop, HELP. I am disabled we live on one income we do OK but we fell for the auto pay and find we lost control of our money.

We have 2 houses our daughter pays the note it is paid by autopay from her bank of america account we get hit with a $35.00 fee every time they pay by the 5th of month. We want to stop the auto pay but cannot find where to stop it we are locked we can’t let it go forcloseure or anything else cause the money still come out of the account where can we go to stop it we started it why can’t we stop it.


Dear Glenn,

The auto-pay issue is a problem with Bank of America. Other have complained about trying to get the auto pay automatic deduction cancelled for payments on their Bank of America credit cards. But I’m unclear if your mortgage is from Bank of America or that is just the account that is hit for the payment from another mortgage company.

You have two options to stop the Auto Pay from the Bank of America account. Neither involves Bank of America if they are not the mortgage company.

You can contact the mortgage company, who initiate the debit from your bank account, and change it or cancel it with them. Or, you can close the Bank of America checking account and move to another bank. I admit, both options are a hassle. This is exactly why I rarely, if ever, enroll in any automatic debit program and instead initiate the payment myself using online banking.

Good luck.


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