I Want You to Meet Who You Helped Today – Pham Thi Van

It is important for you to meet who we helped today through this site. As I mention, all over the place, revenue from people clicking on ads and using the service of advertisers is used to help sponsor people in poverty through Kiva. Please visit or use the services of advertisers on the site so we can help more people.

I Want You to Meet Who You Helped Today – Pham Thi Van - GetOutOfDebt.org

Mrs. Pham Thi Van is 49 years old and lives in Vietnam. She has been with TYM Fund since 2003. Before joining the Fund, Mrs. Pham sold produce at home, but her income was not high and she had to travel far for produce to sell. After joining the Fund, she borrowed funds to invest in selling fertilizer. She would like to borrow to invest in her family’s fertilizer business.

The reason I give money to Kiva to help people all over the world in disadvantaged places is so we can give someone an opportunity to start a small business so they can care for their family and become self-sufficient.

I’d like for you to meet all the people we have helped through the GetOutOfDebt.org site. Click here.

My goal is to increase site traffic and revenue by a sufficient amount that I could sponsor one person a day. That would be awesome! If you want to work together to help achieve that goal, join my lending team and together we can make a profound difference.


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