The Car Lender Agreed to One Thing and Then Went Back on It. – Nicole


“Dear Steve,

OKAY HERE IT IS…I had a payment arrangement with wachovia dealer services and they went back on there end..i spoke to Michael Tucker who told me if i cleared $690.00 by the end of jan my account will be fine and just start making regular payments and i will be ok..well i made a payment on jan22 for the amount of 345.00 liked we agreed and on tues jan 27 they came and repod my car…now they want me to pay the balance in full and they will not take any money and i am struggling..they want me to pay 9,110.19 and if i don’t you know the rest…but the thing is it is in me and my mom name and she doesn’t even know that the car is repossed..i want to get my car back but i need them to lower it or it will be on my mom’s credit. i am so lost he lied and the repod my car they are very rude and do not care…I am doing my taxes and i am getting three thousand dollars back and they will not even take that..i am so confused i do not know what to do

Is there anyway you can help me get them to lower the amount to get it back it is already day 3?


Dear Nicole,

I’d love to tell you that I’m shocked that a car loan collector lied to you, but I’m not. It happens all the time.

Unless you get negotiated payment arrangements in writing then you take the risk of them being honored. You will have no proof what they agreed to, they will have a few more of your payments and you won’t have a car.

It sounds like you were significantly behind on your car note for it get all the way to repossession. It might have been a really good idea to have included your mother in what was going on. She might have been able to help you bring the loan current before it was too late. Now that the car has been repossessed the lender is going to go after your mother for the entire balance due.

I can’t think of many times that a lender has returned a car for monthly payments after it has be repossessed. You could always suggest making a payment today for the past due loan amount and all the fees associated with the repossession and ask for the car back.

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