I Just Got a Postcard About a Bankruptcy Claim From American Corrective Counseling Services. – Janet

“Dear Steve,

I just received a post card about a bankruptcy claim for SCH Corp, ACCS Corp and American Corrective Counseling Services, Inc. and I am trying to establish what if anything, my claim is in this matter.

In regard to ACCS Corp, do you know if they operate in Colorado, especially Larimer County? I have been stuck paying them a couple of times when I had checks bounce. I don’t deny writing the checks, and was willing to pay for the checks plus reasonable fees, but at least twice I have had to pay the $125.


Dear Janet,

I’m not clear on your information if you have had to pay them twice for the same bounced check. If you have, that is certainly not right.

Regarding the postcard, maybe you could post exactly what the postcard says in the comment section below.

Regarding the right to do business in Colorado, contact the Colorado Attorney Generals office or use this search form from the state of Colorado site. From what I saw on the site it says “AMERICAN CORRECTIVE COUNSELING SERVICES, INC., Colorado Authority Terminated August 1, 2005”.

I do see that American Corrective Counseling Services filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy on January 19, 2009 but without more information from the postcard I’m afraid I don’t know what claim you might have in their bankruptcy.

If you had previously paid for a class through ACCS then somehow you might be listed as a creditor or have a claim somehow in their bankruptcy.


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