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I’ve Been Through Bankruptcy, Divorce, and Foreclosure. How Can I Rebuild My Credit? – Susan

“Dear Steve,

My bankruptcy was discharged 10/07. I lost my home. It was the result of a past divorce, and the sudden loss of my job of 18 years.

I’ve now been with my new employer for 2 years and finding it very difficult to rebuild my credit, i’ve managed to get a credit card with a low limit and have paid that timely.

When my car broke down, I had to utilize payday loans to cover the cost. I’m still paying those, I hate them. I want to buy another house, I do not like renting, but what are my chances? I am 55 years old.


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  • I filed bankruptcy.  I had already been divorced for 12 years and really hadn’t recovered from the divorce itself as far as finances.  I have been a single mother of three since my divorce in 1997.  I struggled continuously, moving, bouts with credit and late payments, etc.  Then, I moved into a house and the mortgage was killing me and I mean killing me where I couldn’t keep up with other bills primarily due to the mortgage.  For the first time in my life I had a car repossessed.  My outlook on my life and finances looked more bleak than ever.  The bank remodified the mortgage and the mortgage dropped 220.00 per month but I was so deep in I didn’t notice the difference.  I had been thinking of doing it and had avoided it in the past.  I spoke with an attorney after reading constantly about it.  Now, I am glad I did it.  This is the best I have felt in  years.  My situation is getting better.  I am now renting from a former real estate agent who let me move into a house he had on the market that had been sitting for quite some time.  I was offered a credit card with a $500 limit just a month ago which is almost exactly 2 years since I was discharged.  I have also purchased a car.  Because of how bad things were for me in the past I am begining to see clear what to do and what not to do to ENSURE that I don’t get as far in as I was before.  I think I did the right thing and I am recovering and I can see now that I will experience a full recovery in a shorter period than I would have if I had not filed.  God Bless.  Dont’ let anyone tell you what is best for you.  Do what you know you have to do and what is best for you.

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