Consumer Advocacy Assistance Mortgage Modification Mailer – Watch Out

A group, Consumer Advocacy Assistance, who reports to being located in Laguna Hills, California sent a mortgage modification mailer to a consumer in New Jersey.

The mailer appears to be an official mailer from the Loss Mitigation Administrative Office. Frankly it looks like the standard B.S. mortgage modification mailer many have received.

An amazing reader Hanna sent in a new debt relief mailer through my I Buy Junk Mail program.

Consumer Advocacy Assistance claims to be located at 24881 Alicia Parkway, Suite E516, Laguna Hills, CA 92653. While the mailer presents the new estimated terms their website actually says, “You and our company do not hold the promissory note, because the bank and the original investor hold the note. Only the investor can make the final adjustment on the terms of your loan.” – Source

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 12.16.31 PM

Interestingly, the mailer says it is a legal advertisement but the CAA website does not identify any attorney related to it.

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1 thought on “Consumer Advocacy Assistance Mortgage Modification Mailer – Watch Out”

  1. wow, thank you so much for posting this. I live in NJ as well, we’ve received of course many of the same mailers including this one. An other introduced itself with “The 26 billion settlement is to compensate homeowners who were victims of predatory lending…..”…..ha, who isnt? :)…..I’ve looked into it further and made the call – all these modification mailer companies, do want a retainer fee upfront (RED FLAG, its illegal)…..They want you to scan your personal information…start with PayStubs, Mortgage Statement, and utility bill (Red Flag, because the next question is, whats your social…just want to check your credit score quick – and bring you to the cleaners)………I have heard stories about people giving access to their bank accounts – wow! NEVER!……for all of you reading this, I suggest to do the following…..check via GoogleMap the address on the mailer, you will be surprised how many of these locations are based in a little mall along a highway…..when you can’t resist to call anyway, ask the Counseling Service Consultant (wha…love this title) for their DFI license (if they say “we don’t need it, because we work thru attorneys….”, RED FLAG! they do need it, to present you as a broker)…..if they give it to you, check their credentials with the DFI…make sure they are legit!…..AGAIN…..never pay a retainer fee upfront (Red Flag), only pay when you have been handed over a legit! offer in writing! and you are willing to accept!. Success!


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