Debt Settlement Mailer From Frisco, Texas Raises Alarms

Well here is yet another version of a debt settlement mailer being sent out to consumers. This one comes from Wichita, KS postal permit 1148.

The address of the sender is 2611 Internet Blvd, #021, Frisco, Texas 75034. According to the BBB that is the address for United Debt Services. They list David Melrose as the owner. Melrose is also reported as the owner of Payment Relief Center. – Source

An amazing reader sent in a new debt relief mailer through my I Buy Junk Mail program.

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 4.19.28 PM

The inside of the mailer is problematic to me. It does not clearly identify the company and instead refers to something called the Department of Negotiation. It is signed by someone named Kirk Lanahan. The mailer makes no mention of the fees for this Texas based company and in my opinion misrepresents their total cost.

The promised benefits are a lower monthly payment and bankruptcy alternative but that is a misleading statement when put into context considering the payment will not be lowered unless the creditor comes to an agreement.

The fine print at the bottom is perplexing. It says “Results from 2011 enrolled for 36 months” but 36 months from 2011 would be 2014. And if they meant the other way then these would be results from 2008 which would be irrelevant today.

My vote is consumers receiving such a mailer should beware.


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3 thoughts on “Debt Settlement Mailer From Frisco, Texas Raises Alarms”

  1. I was tempted to reply and mess with them, but I had so much fun this morning completely devastating a telemarketer (easily one of my best performances EVER) who was bold enough to call my cell phone and offer me “credit assistance”. Wake up people, your cell phone minutes are YOUR minutes and telemarketing to cell phones is ILLEGAL. I can guarantee I won’t be hearing from that “lady” (more like animal) again as she got the full dose from me this morning!

  2. Just received a demand letter from (no name company), Department of Negotiations – again. This is really frustrating. Isn’t this mail fraud? Why does the State’s Attorney General’s office refuse to do anything? (I filled out the report docs before and they refused – both Indiana and California where the other scammer was located.) What do we do to get this to stop. They try every few years to scam us on the same closed account (the only company on their list with which we ever did business. But, the $600 they wanted seven years ago is now $36k. My husband says ignore it, but I don’t like letting evil people get away with this kind of thievery. What do you suggest?

    • File a complaint with the FEDERAL government.

      If this (like the letter above) is really coming out of Texas then it is crossing state lines making it a federal matter from the get go.

      There are two departments to consider:

      Federal Trade Commission (FTC) if the letter can be considered deceptive. There may be issues with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act which they also cover.

      United States Postal Inspection Service (or USPIS) more commonly known as the Postmaster General


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