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Steve Rhode is a Fraud Says Joe Truth

Written by Steve Rhode

I get the odd attacks from time to time but one today from an anonymous reader who identifies himself (not sure if it is a he or she since comments from both Joe and Jane have come from that IP) as “Joe Truth” deserves to be discussed.

Joe Truth Says

Here is the statement submitted:

I have watched you slander hundreds if not thousands of companies over the last 6 or 7 years since you have monopolized fear mongering journalism online…You get a mailer from a “tipster”, spend some time digging online and then make false claims based on your “10 minutes of online investigations”.

You have no conscious of the job loss you create or the companies you destroy as long as you can drive traffic to your site and make millions off of google ads. You are a fraud, my guess is that you have hundreds of enemies created by your fraud investigations.

How many businesses that you did your “DUE DILIGENCE” (which amounts to a 10 minute online investigation) have you destroyed or caused tremendous damage to those businesses by spreading your “educated guesses”? You pick winners & losers based on who pays you the most and you have caused hundreds of hard working innocent people to lose their jobs.

I would also guess that some of those enemies that you have created are looking for revenge. I bet that you look over your shoulder every time you set foot on the street wondering when will be the day that YOU have to pay the price for destroying good peoples lives. One of these days they will see you on the street and they will get their retribution. Hopefully they will do it in a way where Steve Rhodes disappears from your stranglehold online presence.

You destroy good companies based on “your investigation of maybe 10 minutes” then you find another one to investigate for 5 minutes then you go on to your next victim causing tremendous job loss with your recklessness.

Have you ever been face to face with a company owner or employee to whom you have destroyed their lives? If you haven’t yet, some day you will. You are a Fraud. My guess is that you have multiple slander lawsuits against you.

You make CRAZY claims based on a few online searches and then say “if I reported something that is not correct show me.” A company should never have to prove whether or not you are correct, YOU should have to PROVE that YOU are correct!!

I am confident that you will run up on the wrong person or that the wrong person will run up on you and then all of us will finally be free from your venom that you spray everyday! ONE DAY STEVE 🙂 ONE DAY 🙂

My Response

Not to be an alarmist, it does appear the poster is threatening me with physical violence by others.

This expression of opinion about the stories on the site is typical in the fact it states an opinion but never supports any of the claims with specific facts.

I’m happy to publicly discuss any article written and how I came to the conclusion I did and look at the facts in the story.

As always, if any fact in any story is wrong or incorrect there is a link on every story to report the error. If a statement is submitted I will gladly and promptly publish it with the story.

So to Joe Truth, who posts anonymously, stand up, tell us who you are and let’s discuss a specific story you feel is in error.

I welcome your participation and you are more than welcome to examine any of the sourced facts on any story to see where the facts came from.

Rather than accuse me of “spraying venom” let’s have an open discussion because the facts in your rant are not supported.


The anonymous Joe Truth finally pointed out an article that concerned him/her. He linked to this one in his comments.

However when pressed for what he claimed was an error in the post he said, “I am not claiming any errors were made.” He also refused to take a shot at answering the reader question himself to offer up an alternative response.

I can always use your help. If you have a tip or information you want to share, you can get it to me confidentially if you click here.

About the author

Steve Rhode

Steve Rhode is the Get Out of Debt Guy and has been helping good people with bad debt problems since 1994. You can learn more about Steve, here.


    • Don’t flatter yourself, I was only pointing out that Joe Truth is pointing a finger at the wrong person. Steve’s articles raise the questions but your attacks are aimed at discrediting everyone who might take away your business. .

      • My business is to educate consumers and expose companies who are taking advantage of them. Only people who have ever been upset with me are the ones that don’t like the fact that I raise uncomfortable questions that they can’t answer.

        If by discrediting everyone you mean explaining how their service actually works, then I guess you got me.

        • Let’s not kid each other, your business is to make money to support your family and you use this site to gain more business by bashing everyone who stands in your way.

          • Of course I make money to support my family. I gain a lot of business from this site because it is a nice platform to reach a lot of consumers with my simple message.

            Get a second opinion before you make a major financial decision based on the advice of a commissioned sales person.

            Why is that a bad thing?

          • Umm, You alleged that I make money to support my family. I agreed. You alleged that I use this site as a platform to get more business. I agreed.

            How exactly am I “way off topic?”

          • Now your gonna play the “What did I do” card? See my “Focus Damon, Focus” comment above…welcome to the conversation.

          • I posted it twice but you clearly dont have your listening ears on so I will post it a 3rd time to be as clear as possible.

            “Im talking about you immediately bashing and labeling everyone in the industry a scam and attacking insiders without doing any research.

            Im talking about your inability to engage in meaningful conversation because you are afraid of competition so in order to capture as much business as you possible can you vomit on everyone and try to pass yourself off as some kind of hero.”

  • Angelo, I do not receive any revenue from Damon’s consults. He has had a right to state his opinion, just as you have.

    I don’t get between your mutual battles because you both seem to express your respective points with equal vigor.

    What has been interesting is it seems any company that might be the subject of comments you might not agree with doesn’t seem to be the one pushing back at Damon.

    You two have developed quite a sparing contest that I refuse to get in the middle of. My personal opinion, you two just need to hug it out and start over.

    • I agree that no one is pushing back, I actually made that claim in the previous conversation. Most wont engage because they know better. Maybe Im just a fool, but seriously, how can any one push back when he relentlessly attacks with baseless claims, lies and constant twisting of facts? I still stand by my claim that his actions are what shuts down all insider dialog on this site.

      • Ya, I love to twist your words by copying and pasting your own contradictory comments.

        I am the reason that scammers don’t like to openly discuss their scams?

        It couldn’t possibly be that they don’t want to openly discuss their scams, because, um…hmm. uh… oh ya, they don’t want to draw attention to their bleeping scam.

        • Thats the problem and the whole point of this article. You don’t openly discuss… you attack, lie, twists claims and are argumentative with everyone without doing any research.

          The article should have been titled “Damon is a scam says Joe truth” because while you are the self proclaimed “protector of the people” all your vomit is for the benefit of gaining your consulting fees, meanwhile it takes most settlement companies a minimum of 8/9 months just to break even yet THEY are all scams??

          • Well your opinion is incorrect but I will leave that up to consumers to decide for themselves.

            The point of my “vomit” as you call it, is to offer a differing point of view to consumers from someone who isn’t trying to shove a program in their face.

            Why are you so afraid of a consumer simply having a conversation with me? I encourage consumers to talk to as many sales people as they want and suggest that it is a good idea to call me before they end up signing a contract that they will likely regret.

            If they don’t like my advice, don’t think that my help was anything special, or saved them thousands of dollars by helping them avoid a big mistake, then there is no fee for my service.

            So why are you so afraid of consumers hearing what I have to say?

          • Focus Damon, Focus…Im not even talking about your conversations with consumers or the advice you provide and why on earth would I use my real name and put myself out there on this site if I had anything to hide?

            Im talking about you immediately bashing and labeling everyone in the industry a scam and attacking insiders without doing any research.

            Im talking about your inability to engage in meaningful conversation because you are afraid of competition so in order to capture as much business as you possible can you vomit on everyone and try to pass yourself off as some kind of hero.

          • I do not know enough about your services to make form an opinion however, I strongly disagree with your malicious marketing tactics.

          • Yes, please pass my complaint to you wife, maybe she can knock some sense into you.

            thank you…I’m here till 11… try the veal.

          • Im thinking you twisted the message when you relayed it to the boss. Are you telling me that she said it was ok for you to continue to lie and bash every competitor so you can get more business?

          • You continue to allege that I lie about and bash every company with no reasonable basis, yet when asked, you can’t even produce one example of where this has occurred.

            Seems like the only baseless allegations are your allegations that my allegations are baseless.

            PS. You made a fun little joke and I went along with it in good spirits, but moving forward I would appreciate if you would leave my wife out of your comments.

          • Settle down Frances….it was just a joke and the only reason I made the joke was because of your comment about taking my complaint to your boss. Hell, even Steve thought it was funny, stop being such a baby.

          • By the way, you repeatedly have said I lie and attack companies with baseless accusations. I am not aware of any time I have ever done that. Can you please give me an example of I time I accused a company of something with no reasonable basis for doing so?

            I would be happy to correct any errors I may have made.

          • Really? You claim that I call every company a scam and go after them with baseless accusations, and yet you can’t even come up with one example where I unjustly called out a specific company without any reasonable basis for doing so?

          • Ah, yes… you did have a reasonable basis for calling my settlement company and the Legal Plan a scam….because I hurt your feelings.

            Not one claim you made was accurate, not one and while my claims are backed by data and experience, you (think) win conversations by barking louder. Maybe those who have something to hide will not engaged but I can back my claims so I’ll keep calling you out on your unethical, bullshit marketing tactics.

          • Actually, I did not proactively go after you. What I said about your company was in response to you claiming that I never offered specifics. So your allegation that I go after everybody simply to drum up business is baseless, otherwise I would have gone after you years ago.

            What I said about you was that in my opinion, your program puts consumers in a greater than necessary risk of litigation so that you can turn around and up sell them “insurance” to “protect” them from the bad advice you just gave them.

            I was very specific and clear. You don’t agree and that is your right, but there is a very clear basis for my opinion and most reasonable people that are not in the business of selling programs like yours would agree with me.

            That being said, what you or I think doesn’t matter. My job is to give my opinion to my clients. It is up to them to determine if what I am saying is logical and has merit.

            So, again, can you provide me just one example of a company that was just minding their own business that I lied about and proactively went after with baseless claims just to get business?

            I mean if I do it to everyone, you should have an example right?

          • It took me 15 minutes just to find the article where we had our previous discussions and I don’t have the time to look through every article to find an example where you attacked another company but I will surely point it out when it happens again. In the meantime, I’ll address your twisted bullshit again…

            you wrote…”Not one claim I made was accurate? Well, I claimed you put people in 3 and 4 year settlement plans and then also sold them legal insurance to try and “protect” them from getting sued by their creditors while on your plan.

            That was an accurate statement. Do you deny that is what you do?”

            Yes, I deny this is what I do and once again, thanks for proving that you twist facts and make baseless claims.

            1) I offered data that shows consumers receive more lawsuits within the first 24 months than after 24 months. This alone should have opened your eyes but you completely ignored it!!

            2) The plan defends creditor lawsuits, it does not protect anyone from getting sued.

            3) “putting people in a program that increases the risk of being sued”…another made up twisted fact – anyone who defaults is at risk of being sued, a settlement program is not what trigger lawsuits. Why cant you get this through your head?

            I tried having this debate with you in the past but you seem to ignore data and stick with your antiquated argument. There’s nothing wrong with you sharing your opinion but at the least it should be backed by facts not just attacks to gain more business.

          • So just so I am clear. You repeatedly claim that I lie and make baseless accusations about every debt relief company out there, have been doing it for years, and not only can you not find one instance of this ever occurring, you can’t even think of a time I did it?

            So, if you have no basis for making this claim about me, isn’t it ironic that you are clearly doing what you are so adamant that I do, even though I always have clear reasons for stating my opinions.

          • Sad diversion Damon, you asked for an example of you making baseless claims and lying and I gave you 3 and told you I would point them out moving forward.

            At least try to defend the points which back my claims that you lie, twist and spin instead of ignoring them and then ignorantly asking for an example.

            ….Damon taking his foot out of his mouth, take two!!!

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