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I get the odd attacks from time to time but one today from an anonymous reader who identifies himself (not sure if it is a he or she since comments from both Joe and Jane have come from that IP) as “Joe Truth” deserves to be discussed.

Joe Truth Says

Here is the statement submitted:

I have watched you slander hundreds if not thousands of companies over the last 6 or 7 years since you have monopolized fear mongering journalism online…You get a mailer from a “tipster”, spend some time digging online and then make false claims based on your “10 minutes of online investigations”.

You have no conscious of the job loss you create or the companies you destroy as long as you can drive traffic to your site and make millions off of google ads. You are a fraud, my guess is that you have hundreds of enemies created by your fraud investigations.

How many businesses that you did your “DUE DILIGENCE” (which amounts to a 10 minute online investigation) have you destroyed or caused tremendous damage to those businesses by spreading your “educated guesses”? You pick winners & losers based on who pays you the most and you have caused hundreds of hard working innocent people to lose their jobs.

I would also guess that some of those enemies that you have created are looking for revenge. I bet that you look over your shoulder every time you set foot on the street wondering when will be the day that YOU have to pay the price for destroying good peoples lives. One of these days they will see you on the street and they will get their retribution. Hopefully they will do it in a way where Steve Rhodes disappears from your stranglehold online presence.

You destroy good companies based on “your investigation of maybe 10 minutes” then you find another one to investigate for 5 minutes then you go on to your next victim causing tremendous job loss with your recklessness.

Have you ever been face to face with a company owner or employee to whom you have destroyed their lives? If you haven’t yet, some day you will. You are a Fraud. My guess is that you have multiple slander lawsuits against you.

You make CRAZY claims based on a few online searches and then say “if I reported something that is not correct show me.” A company should never have to prove whether or not you are correct, YOU should have to PROVE that YOU are correct!!

I am confident that you will run up on the wrong person or that the wrong person will run up on you and then all of us will finally be free from your venom that you spray everyday! ONE DAY STEVE 🙂 ONE DAY 🙂

My Response

Not to be an alarmist, it does appear the poster is threatening me with physical violence by others.

This expression of opinion about the stories on the site is typical in the fact it states an opinion but never supports any of the claims with specific facts.

I’m happy to publicly discuss any article written and how I came to the conclusion I did and look at the facts in the story.

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As always, if any fact in any story is wrong or incorrect there is a link on every story to report the error. If a statement is submitted I will gladly and promptly publish it with the story.

So to Joe Truth, who posts anonymously, stand up, tell us who you are and let’s discuss a specific story you feel is in error.

I welcome your participation and you are more than welcome to examine any of the sourced facts on any story to see where the facts came from.

Rather than accuse me of “spraying venom” let’s have an open discussion because the facts in your rant are not supported.


The anonymous Joe Truth finally pointed out an article that concerned him/her. He linked to this one in his comments.

However when pressed for what he claimed was an error in the post he said, “I am not claiming any errors were made.” He also refused to take a shot at answering the reader question himself to offer up an alternative response.

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