Americorp Does Not Show Up for Trial. Allegro Law Litigation and Bankruptcy Nearing Completion, Maybe.

It seems like a lifetime ago that I first wrote about the Allegro Law debacle. After Hess Kennedy, Allegro was the next big debt settlement firm to implode.

We first wrote about Allegro Law in 2009 and since that time, Allegro Law went out of business, consumers lost money, Keith Nelms lost his law license and went bankrupt, and nobody has won in this situation at all.

According to the latest update from the Allegro Law trustee there has been some movement.

“On November 6, 2013, the Trustee completed reviewing individual claims and filed the final Motion to Strike or Reclassify claims for individual claimants (we are still awaiting Orders on some of the last filed Motions to Strike or Reclassify). There remaining six corporate claimants that have filed Proof of Claims are still pending litigation to determine their validity.

On November 4, 2013, the associated litigation in the Hamm v. Americorp, et al. case proceeded to trial. As you may be aware, Americorp was the processing agent for Allegro Law, LLC. Despite rigorously defending the case during the discovery phase, at the point of being held in contempt and attempting to stall the case at every point, the Defendants and their attorneys failed to attend the trial and did not put on a defense to the Plaintiff’s case. At this time we are awaiting the Court’s anticipated entry of Judgment against the Defendants. After the judgment is entered, we will begin the likely long process of attempting to collect the judgment.

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Although we have finalized the Motion to Strike or Reclassify individual claims phase of this case, we will be unable to make a distribution to creditors until the remaining six corporate claims have been litigated. We anticipate (but do not guarantee) the final corporate claims to be heard by the Court in early 2014.

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The final major hurtle that will have to be completed before distributions to creditors is made is a “Prompt Determination” from the Internal Revenue Service. This is a legal process where the bankruptcy estate requests the IRS verify the estate has no liability with the service. This process takes a minimum of six months and was begun in October, 2013.

As a reminder, the Trustee’s office is unable to provide legal advice to creditors. If you are in need of advice, or further explanation of the above stated processes, please contact an attorney.

Finally, our office is unable to entertain change of address requests. All change of address requests need to be made to: United States Bankruptcy Court, Clerk of the Court, One Church Street, Montgomery, Alabama 36104.” – Source

Seems like kind of a uncool move for Americorp, Seton, Inc. and Tim McCallan to not show up for the trial but there it is. McCallan and others are now filing an Appeal based on the bankruptcy judge denying a motion to recuse. – Source

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3 thoughts on “Americorp Does Not Show Up for Trial. Allegro Law Litigation and Bankruptcy Nearing Completion, Maybe.”

  1. Steve, I am one of the people you spoke with early on when “Andy” Nelms was indicted. I worked for the restaurant chain he was buying. Naturally NONE of us received any money’s owed us for our pay. But, most of us, I think came out ok. Word is Nelms is practicing law again in Florida. Wow…the case is NOT fully settled & he can once again practice law in some kind of business again.
    But, I am grateful to the other part time job I had at the time, that offered me full time. I am still with that Country Club and loving it. Been very blessed to have this job in such a downed economy and horrible situation.
    Thanks for your kindness during this time & wanting to know how everything turned out. Everything turned out NOT so well in one respect…but, not many of us will let this jerk keep us down!!!
    Barbara B

    • Thank you so much for replying. It is a tragedy that some have not been repaid what they are owed but you make a brilliant point, you have to move on and not get trapped in anger from the past.

      Thank you so much for the update and I do remember you.

  2. How much money is allegro after americorp for? And this seems more like a move to stall. I bet americorp disputes the judgement on grounds that the judge is bias and should be recused


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