The Most Unique Debt Relief Help Wanted Ad Ever

The debt relief industry never ceases to amaze me. A big hat tip goes to Damon Day for pointing out this help wanted advertisement to me. This one is certainly unique.

Here is a debt relief company that starts off by calling all the other schemes we’ve lived through, scams.

“TIRED OF SCAMS YET? Help Families &Make $$$ Student Loan Consolidation (Irvine, CA)

All I am Reading are SCAMS….either Vague Ads to hoodwink you to coming in, only to learn they “left out” a few things about your real opportunity.


Possibly worse, all the Auto Warranty, Loan Mod. and Crap that you Can make great Money… Providing of course you are willing to Break marketing laws and any Moral code.

“We have the Best Sales Position in O.C.! So say Goodbye to Mort, Debt Settlement, Tax etc. This is where it’s at! The perfect match of helping and making money… win win!”

And what is this amazing and fantastic opportunity; selling student loan assistance programs. You’ve got to know that in an industry that says, “We are Blowing up with more leads BEGGING to buy than we can handle and faster than we can hire and train!” there is going to be a huge new wave of the “scammers” they warn against.

Now I may not be the sharpest tack in the drawer but what in the world does the advertisement mean when it says this about their program:

FEDERAL STUDENT LOAN CONSOLIDATION PROGRAM SUMMARY: Federal Student Loan Consolidation means combining an individual’s outstanding federal student loans into one loan; and, at the same time, significantly lowering their monthly payment, plus forbearance, plus forgiveness. We work with our network of lending partners & financial institutions to achieve an individual’s student loan consolidation; using federally approved guidelines.

Federal student loan consolidation is an administrative process that happens according to U.S. Department of Education guidelines and has nothing to do with a “network of lending partners & financial institutions.”

But not to worry this is just going to be yet another one of those scams they warn people about because whoever this company is, is going to provide:

  • We provide live call-ins from our pay per click Internet marketing.
  • NO cold calling!
  • We are Number One on Google Daily! These are the very best leads in the country.
  • Our close rates are the very highest!
  • We provide the script.
  • We provide the products. – Source


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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