Student Loan 911 – Consumer Complaint – December 27, 2013

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“My name is Hamdallah and am the business manager at Student Loan 911 Located in Huntington beach, CA. One of our customer brought something so important to our attention. Which is, StudentLoan911.org With the following address 9858 Glades Road, #221 Boca Raton, FL 33434, has a lot of bad online reviews and he mentioned that they have a complaint on this website too. After I looked in to it, I realized that StudentLoan911.org is an old business in Florida. The only common thing between us is the NAME, Which is happened by chance. We are a new business that started 3 months ago. We are accredited with the AFSLR and here is the link afslr.org/business-directory/1152/student-loan-911/.

I contacted BBB and they fixed it on their website by adding an alert, here is the link https://www.bbb.org/south-east-florida/business-reviews/credit-debt-consolidation-services/studentloan911org-in-boca-raton-fl-90106802/Alerts-and-Actions.

This is harming our new business in so many ways. I would like to fix this issue.”

Consumer Statement:

I have been scammed! I was called by one of those Student Loan people that said they could help me lower my payments. They lied!

The Company is Student Loan 911 and they charge a Fee of $499.00 for their “Services” They say ” I’m making 3 payments of $166 to Studentloan911. I’ve already sent 1 payment. After they received the 1st payment I was contacted by them and sent in my email that they need 4 important documents in order to complete their services.

Well 1st Red flag they don’t have a Fax number to send the documents to. 2nd red Flag I called the representative that 1st called me of Studentloan911 and asked if she could give me the Fax number. She never returned my messages! 3rd red flag I wend to the website of Studentloan911 and emailed them that I need to have someone call and tell me the company’s fax number so I could fax these “important document” I left them my phone number on the email and they haven’t called me yet.

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Now that I’ve had 3 Red Flags about this SCAM -Studentloan911. I will put a Stop payments on that Debit trasaction of $166 and they won’t get anymore of my money. And I will tell everyone that I know to be careful of these “student loan scammers” out there! How dare they prey on innocent hard working people who are just trying to get out of debt!

Consumer Action Taken:

I haven’t tried to resolve the problem because I know I probably won’t get my money back- it’s a SCAM! what I will do is put a Stop payment and they won’t get anymore of my money…!

Date This Problem Happened: December 26, 2013

State You Live in: Oregon

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $166

Company Name: Student Loan 911

Company Address:

9858 Glades Rd
Boca Raton FL 33434

Company Telephone Number: 561-922-7065

Website of Company: studentloan911.org

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1 thought on “Student Loan 911 – Consumer Complaint – December 27, 2013”

  1. It is a shame that if someone is unable to send in the information requested by a company to complete an application they can write a complaint about the company that is trying to help them. I work for StudentLoan911 and we have always had a fax number which is on every email that is sent to any client. It is a toll free fax number. A payment was never drafted from this client because we couldn’t help her since we never received the information we requested. A client can email or fax the information we need from them to complete their file and once we have a complete file and the client makes their first payment we process their paperwork immediately and they get confirmation from the Department of Education that their application was received. I wouldn’t work for a company that scams people and I take offense to this post by J.W. which are this clients initials. I just want you to know that we follow up with every client to try to help them through the process.
    Thank you


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