MB Consulting Unlimited – Consumer Complaint – January 29, 2014

See response from Michael Biancone to this consumer complaint submitted on May 14, 2014, at bottom.

Consumer Statement:

I connected with Doug Johnson (Debt Relief Advocate) operating out of Brentwood, TN to discuss his strategy for getting control of private student loans. Doug connected me with Michael Biancone (MB Consulting Unlimited) operating out of Surfside Beach, SC.

After multiple conference call conversations with Michael and Doug, I signed on for 2-promrams. First, a debt relief program with MB Consulting’s team and authorized MB Consulting to automatically deduct an amount from my account to be put aside in a “trust” account(managed by MB Consulting via National Consumer Avocates, Inc).

The monthly fixed amount needed to accumulate to the targeted amount MB Consulting’s team needed to begin negotiation with the creditor(40% of the debt). The 40% cost included the projected amount needed to settle the debt and MB Consulting’s fees.

Michael copied Doug Johnson and a Dennis Murkey on my signed documents. When asked, Michael and Doug stated that Dennis is the trust manager. I have NEVER spoken or had any direct communications with Dennis except I copied him via “Reply All” on a response to Michael via staffncai@gmail.com.

Michael’s team was going to inform the creditor of the program I entered in and this would help to prevent suits while in the program. The second program was with Doug Johnson to use the federal violations incurred by collection callers. Because each call comes with a monetary value based on the violation, Doug said he would use the accumulated $$$ violation potential to help negotiate the debt with proposed suits from this team of attorneys he works with.

Doug also provided written statements to tell the creditors to position them for this violation. Well, after reading the statement to the collectors, the phone calls immediately stopped and within 60 days we have received a letter from an attorney representing the creditors, The letters were immediately emailed to Michael and Doug. Doug called and we were informed that a suit was more than likely inevitable.

Michael NEVER to discuss the letters. Because the situation was escalating quickly out of control, I contacted an attorney, who help develop a different strategy which does not include Chapter 7 or 13 or trying to legally discharge the debt. However the plan does include immediate discontinuing the program with MB Consulting Unlimited. He suggested while Doug Johnson’s program has merits, collectors are aware of this strategy and this is most likely not effective and could escalate legal proceedings on the part of the creditor.

Consumer Action Taken:

On January 21, 2014 at 1:45 PM CST, I sent an email to Michael Biancone (MB Consulting Unlimited and Dennis Murkey (the Trust manager according to Michael Biancone); instructing them to cancel the program and to send any amount due to me.

I requested an itemized cost statement if the amount being refunded was less than the total amount collected; I copied Doug Johnson, my daughter (actual debtor) and my husband.

On January 22 at 9:02am, I sent an email to Michael, Doug and Dennis asking for acknowledgment receipt of the day prior’s email. I spoke with Doug briefly who shared he would connect with Michael. Michael emailed me on January 22 at 10:55 AM CST basically stating “Any cancellation of auto initialized paperwork utilizing the program through NCAI is to be processed through NCAI’s office as shown on the first page of the documents. With your email coping Dennis and NCAI, it is in their hands to proceed with your request as according to their agreement and terms thereof. All activities through this request are finalized through NCAI.” “As to MB Consulting Unlimited and myself, our efforts to assist you in your search for answers and options to the above loans account was to advocate direction.”

I discussed Michael’s email with Doug who reiterated that it has nothing to do with Michael but it’s up to Dennis to write the check. I asked Doug for contact information other than the gmail account for Dennis. Doug stated he would be in contact with Dennis to ensure he sends me the itemized statement requested and a copy of the letter that he supposedly sent to creditors.

To date, I have not had ANY direct communications from Dennis. No other communications with Michael other than the email reference above. And phone conversations with Doug more or less stating “good luck.

So my connections with Doug Johnson a “consumer debt Advocate” HAS ONLY ADDED TO MY DEBT PROBLEMS. I FEEL THAT THIS WAS A SCAM DESIGNED BY DOUG JOHNSON and EXECUTED BY MICHAEL BIANCONE OF MB CONSULTING UNLIMITED. I paid my bank to stop payment. I will file a complaint shortly with the BBB and the attorney general offices in my state and the state of their office addresses. Thanks for reading. Any help to prevent from happening to someone else is appreciated.

Date This Problem Happened: January 21, 2014

State You Live in: Texas

Race/Ethnicity: Black or African American

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $775

Company Name: MB Consulting Unlimited

Company Address:

2504 Hwy 17 business south
Garden City, SC 29576

Company Telephone Number: 866-446-5096

Website of Company: mbicu.com

May 14, 2014 Response from Michael Biancone to Consumer Complaint

This is the response Michael Biancone sent in on May 14, 2014 and asked to have published.

What’s the Suggested Fix? *

February 10, 2014

MB Consulting Unlimited
Michael Biancone/Managing Director
PO Box 15732
Surfside Beach, SC 29587

Sebastiane M Willoughby (known as Marie Willoughby)
2383 Akers Mill Rd
Atlanta, GA 30390
Email: smariewilloughby@yahoo.com

Darlene Coachmen
Email: dwcoachman@gmail.com


On January 29, 2014, you chose to submit grievances against my company and others on a website called “get out of debt guy”. This grievance as written by you was completely inaccurate and false. After reading your comments and content within, I have come to the conclusion that your attempts to voice your concern was to place harm through malice. This content is not only false but using this site with prejudice added iniquity to your actions. By placing such cogent information in this malevolence effort, you have placed undue pressure on my company and character. This objective to degrade persons, company, media and other forms associated with persons involved, has presented grave liability by you and other parties. By blaming and defacing my company and others with defamation you have created a serious offense on your part. After further research of the site “get out of debt.org” there are numerous complaints (dozens) pertaining to his actions as a business and the actions of attempting to dupe other businesses by maliciously bringing out false claims in order to ensconce clientele. http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/getoutofdebtorg/internet-district-of-columbia-20090/getoutofdebtorg-steve-rhodes-yet-another-scam-website-total-liar-internet-district-of-913868

Furthermore, links on this site presenting assistance in various categories (i.e. Credit counseling) also shows complaints (through the rip-off report) with the services this site is providing.

I was informed by a consumer and prospect on 2/7/14 that there was information portraying a complaint against MB Consulting Unlimited and they chose to opt out of any assistance based on this false information. Since then, various clients have chosen to not partake in my assistance due to your defamatory remarks.

All the efforts and time spent to assist both you and Marie was at no cost to both of you. Hours were spent to help with any information and/or your desire along with instructions to start this program. This does not include any assistance from Doug Johnson who spent hours with both you and Marie at no cost whatsoever. Since the day Doug assisted you and Marie dating back to August 2012, there was never a fee due for his help and expertise.

I understand your concerns and frustrations and hope that they are solved in a very truthful manner. The following accounting were steps taken to assist you:

7/29/13 2PM, I was introduced to you and Marie through Doug pertaining to private student loans. We spoke approximately 20 minutes on the possibilities to help you through information and a program called debt resolution. During this conversation you were never asked to purchase anything or to spend any money for any information rendered. You then passed on to me by permission, yours and Maria’s email address and contact information.

8/6/13 I sent Maria via email, general information pertaining to different options available to assist people with their debt. In that same email I requested limited information on Maria’s student loans (i.e. Current balances).

8/27/13 I received via email from Marie, information requested on 8/6/13, attached were three student loan statements. With this information, I arranged all the details of debt resolution offered by NCAI. These details consisted of 11 pages and thoroughly explain the process as according with the information you supplied with the student loans. On this same day, I received an email from Marie requesting an adjustment to the information she supplied on her student loans. She requested that I only use a certain figure (balance from one statement) as detailed by Marie. I responded that I will make adjustments according to her instructions and send them back via email by tomorrow. I then received an email back from Marie stating; this was fine, I will review documents and I will send everything to her mother for reviewing and set up a call to discuss information.

8/28/13 I made the adjustments as requested and sent this information via email back to Marie.

9/19/13 I sent an email to Marie following up to make sure she received information as requested. On the same day I received a response from Marie via email thanking me and mentioning she will connect with Darlene and coordinate a time to speak.
(Throughout all these dates there had been numerous calls made to follow up. Most calls ended up going to voice mail where a message was left every time.)

10/6/13 I received a call from Darlene while she was at work. Darlene discusses to see if the payments for the program on Maria’s student loans could be paid from her checking account.

10/7/13 I emailed Darlene the EFT form from NCAI as per her request on 10/6.

10/9/13 Darlene emailed back stating she would review the form and get back to us. She also mentioned that she look forward to working with everyone.

10/15/13 Darlene scanned and emailed the documents needed to proceed with the program. During a phone call on 10/14 with Darlene, a discussion pointed out that the original forms must be sent via mail to NCAI in order to begin any processing.

10/22/13 Marie emailed me scan copies of all the documents I originally sent on 8/27, and asked me to proofread before she mails all originals.

10/23/13 I responded to Marie’s email telling her that everything looks fine. I did mention that we need the original statement in order for us to send notification as stipulated on page 5 to creditors. I did mention to Marie that the date for the payments (10/23/13) would need to change because of all the delays from receiving the paperwork. Darlene wrote back saying that all the originals where in the mail, the statements were coming from Marie in Georgia and the EFT form was coming from Houston, Texas.

10/28/13 after having a conversation with Darlene, she reiterated about pushing this program through, I emphasized that we need all original documents, signatures and statements (not emailed) before NCAI can start processing the efforts to reduce this debt. This was mentioned various times after Darlene emphatically wanted us to get this started for her. I also received an email from Marie with scan copies of the same forms as to what Darlene sent.

11/18/13 I emailed Darlene and Marie an example of a summary judgment from NCAI, in favor of a client along with an example of a letter from NCAI pertaining to our efforts of reducing their debt.

11/20/13 I received an email from Darlene stating that the bank account in which payments were being received from was closed due to fraud activity. I forwarded this email to Dennis at NCAI. Dennis spoke with Darlene pertaining to this as noted below.

12/3/13 I received an email from Darlene on a new account for her payments which I responded that I would forward this information to Dennis at NCAI.

1/16/14 I received an email from Marie saying that she received two letters from a law office pertaining to her student loan. She included these letters with an attachment. I immediately reviewed these letters and noticed it stated these letters were for collection purposes. These letters also stated that she needed to respond within 30 days or they will consider the debt as valid (this type of statements is commonly used in collection letters). I immediately called Marie and left a message on her voicemail stating that the letters seem to point out that they were retained to collect on the debt and to call me back as soon as she was able to discuss further. I also spoke with Dennis the same day and Dennis informed me that he also told Marie and/or Darlene via phone, to send a response in order to dispute as per the collection letter.

1/21/14 I never received a return call from Marie or Darlene after sending the email on 1/16 so I sent an email to Marie telling her that I would be in touch with her so I could follow up on her letters she received.

1/21/14 I received an email from Darlene stating that she wanted to cancel the program.

1/22/14 I received an email from Darlene asking to acknowledge receipt of yesterday’s email.

1/22/14 I responded with an email pertaining to her request and gave her detailed instructions on how to simply manage that request.

Phone calls between Dennis and Darlene Coachman:

Phone calls between myself and both Darlene Coachmen and Sebastaine (Marie) Willoughby:
7/30/13 to 770-595-7893 for 2 minutes
8/4/13 to 770-595-7893 for 3 minutes
8/6/13 from 770-595-7893 for 4 minutes
8/6/13 to 770-595-7893 for 13 minutes
8/21/13 to 770-595-7893 for 2 minutes
8/22/13 to 832-331-9859 for 3 minutes
9/6/13 to 770-595-7893 for 2 minutes
10/3/13 to 832-331-9859 for 2 minutes
10/7/13 to 832-331-9859 for 38 minutes
10/14/13 to 832-331-9859 for 16 minutes
10/14/13 to 770-595-7893 for 12 minutes
1/21/14 to 770-595-7893 for 4 minutes

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All payments made into program through NCAI’s trust account:
10/25/13 for $258.86
12/25/13 for $258.86

In summary; the efforts by all parties involved (Michael, Doug and Dennis) in order to assist clients on information, knowledge and this method of reducing the debt was meticulously and freely given. All information was fully disclosed to the clients to the best of our abilities and within the guidelines of the program. The program that you desired and requested by you was delayed for approximately four months. Prior to the time of our first acquaintance, the borrower (Marie) may have chose to not pay the creditor by her own accord and was facing collections at any time. All information pertaining to Marie’s loan was not fully disclosed as to the severity of the default. This severity was established when Marie emailed the collection letter to Doug, Dennis and myself. The process to reducing a debt cannot begin until all documents are acquired; this includes all billing statements to the loan as stated in the agreement. Assistance to clients in any direction may not be possible due to their own delays and/or eluding the loan.

There has been countless hours spent to assist you with information in order to address your concerns as expressed by you. You have not been charged with any services that were rendered on behalf of MB Consulting Unlimited and Doug Johnson. The student loan rendered by Marie Willoughby may have been in serious default at the time of introduction. Your conversation with Doug Johnson, as per his notes and stated by Marie that no payments were made since August 2012. Marie introduced three collection letters after our first meeting dated 07/03/2013, 07/17/2013 and 08/14/2013 which showed these loans were in default. There were no promises expressed in writing or verbally to the effect of stopping a creditor’s process to collect on any loans in default.

Thank you for your cooperation on this matter.

Michael Biancone

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