I Was a Doctor in Dubai But Had to Leave With Debt. What Now?

“Dear Jon,

Hello, Recently I was diagnosed with a very serious disease that lead termination with my employer in Dubai which revoked my medical license to exercise the privilege of working for them and residing in the UAE. I left Dubai with a loan of around 550,000AED and 100,000AED of credit card debt as this was totally unexpected and my salary being aprox 27,000AED monthly i was expecting to pay my debt in 2 years time.

What can the bank beside the typical calls to the bank do to me and is still the cheque bouncing a red warning in 2014 for interpol UAE to get extradited? Is my illness which is life threatening a way for the bank to get the insurance of write off the debt as I won’t be able to work again and make a payment plan unfortunately ?

Thank you very much



I am sorry to hear of your health issues. It is unfortunate when someone experiences a medical concern to then have to deal with the stress of bills and debts.

As long as you are no longer residing in Dubai or the UAE, there is little the banks can do to collect the debts.

What country are you currently residing in? I ask as if the debts/accounts get sold onto a collection agency in the country you now live it can give you specific rights in how the debts are collected and what you can do to deal with them.

As for any insurance on the accounts paying them off, without knowing more details about the policy I really cannot say. You may wish to query who the policies are issued through.

I wish you the best.



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