Florida Clears Clouded Fidelity Land Trust Deeds for Consumers

The State of Florida has taken action to undo all the titles assigned to Florida company Fidelity Land Trust, a company that has been in the news here.

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FLT had been selling consumers a program they billed as a way to clear the mortgage on a Florida home.

According to a recent article by Kimberly Miller of the Palm Beach Post the State took action and got a judgment to void all the deeds that had been signed over to Fidelity Land Trust.

“Fidelity made false and deceptive or unfair promises and representations to consumers in order to induce consumers to transfer title to their homes to Fidelity for no consideration and to pay Fidelity thousands of dollars in advance fees for services that could not be delivered,” the judgment says.

“The damage done by these scams is not only to the consumers who are taken by them, but to the justice system overall because it muddies the water for other consumers and judges as to what constitutes a legitimate defense to foreclosure,” said Royal Palm Beach-based foreclosure defense attorney Tom Ice.

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