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“Dear Jon,

I am an international student in the UK. I will leave the UK next week with 3k debts divided between Santander master card and Barclaycard and Vodafone contract. I am just worried and wondering would these creditors chase me in my home country (in Africa)? And also, does the university where i have been studying in the UK have anything to do with my debts? I mean would the creditors tell my university to contact me about these debts? Or even ask my friends who are still in the UK about my address in my home country?

Any hep is really appreciated.




I can understand your concerns and will try to address them as best I can.

First, leaving the UK with debts back in the UK is not really an issue, it is something many people have done and are still doing. You will have no problems leaving the UK, or even re-entering the UK just based on a few debts.

However, those that you owe money to may very well want to collect what is due them. During this collection process they may contact friends or the university, but not to disclose you owe them money, that is illegal, but to try and find your current whereabouts. The creditors you owe can only go by what information you provided when you took out the loan or contract, or what they can find out about you. They very well may ask someone, “do you know where he is living”, or ” do you have any contact details”. These are valid questions, but they cannot disclose you owe them money.

There also are two other scenarios that may occur, one being your creditors may not chase you for payment, or only chase for a short time.
Then there also is the scenario the debt(s) may get sold on to a collection agency in Africa to collect the debt there. I cannot say this will or will not happen, however, I have not heard of any UK debts being sold onto an African collection firm. That doesn’t mean it wouldn’t happen.

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Can you afford to continue paying the accounts once you move?

I hope this helps.



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