Missing – Credit Advocates Law Firm Site. But is it Really Credit Advocates Debt Resolution Firm?

A reader posted a comment alluding to the fact a company out of Florida named Credit Advocates Law Firm, LLC may actually be controlled by Jeffrey Aleman, Thomas Macey, and Jason Searns.

Normally I’d just pass on a tip like that but in this case what really piqued my interest was the fact the Nevada company registration does in fact identify those Legal Helpers Debt Resolution participants as being managing members. Yet the State of Florida, where the company says it is registered, does not. The State of Florida lists Adela Estopinan as the managing member. – Source

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And according to the State of Nevada the business license for the company has expired on May 31, 2014.

But as late as July 31, 2014 the Credit Advocates Law Firm site was online according to Google. – Source

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The BBB has a less than spectacular report on this company. Not only does the company currently have an F rating but the BBB also says:

“On July 19, 2013 Better Business Bureau requested that Credit Advocates Law Firm, LLC send in all documentation that would show that they were compliant with all FTC regulations regarding the debt relief industry. Additionally, BBB requested a listing of all attorneys that they network with across the country if they’re not licensed in all 50 states to practice law in. As of August 19, 2013, Better Business Bureau has not received this documentation.” – Source

What is interesting is that while the Credit Advocates Law Firm website is not online at the moment, a site for Credit Advocates Debt Resolution Firm, LLC at creditadvocatesgroup.com is online and says they are Credit Advocates Law Firm, LLC. – Source

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So is Credit Advocates Debt Resolution Firm, LLC really just Credit Advocates Law Firm, LLC? According to the State of Florida the managing member of Credit Advocates Debt Resolution Firm is also Adela Estopinan. – Source

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