Destination Debt Solutions Denies Troubles

Recently I received a statement from a tipster (send in your tips here) who appeared to be concerned about a company called Destination Debt Solutions in Florida.

The person wrote, “Destination Debt Solutions out of central Florida in dire financial straits. In process of laying off entire staff and considering filing BK. Not paying vendor marketing bills and other company bills. CEO in hiding from all problems, will not take calls or reply to any emails. Can’t even get through to anyone on any of their phone lines. Wonder what will happen to the consumers they have enrolled in their program(s).”

I contacted Destination Debt Solutions, who claims to have an A rating with the BBB, and does. – Source

The BBB also reports only 4 complaints in the last three years.

Destination Debt solutions responded to my request very promptly. Kudos for that.

A Sarah Bolandi with the company who is identified as the Director of Client Acquisitions and Management said, “After speaking with the company executives directly we would like to request any formal post not be officially published. As we are unsure where such fraudulent information came from or why, we believe it unfair for our company to receive an unfairly written post against us.

However; in the event you decide to proceed with its creation below is a response to your initial email, directly from the CEO:”

The CEO was not identified in the email from Bolandi. And by the time this was published no response from Sarah Bolandi was received to my request to clarify the identity of the CEO.

This is the quote Sarah attributed to the unamed CEO.

“Destination Debt Solutions has been providing debt relief for hundreds of clients over a six year period. Through that time, we have maintained an A rating on the Better Business Bureau website, something seldom achieved by any company within our industry. Unfortunately, there will always be naysayers and people who are unpleased with our service. That is the life of any small business, and we will continue to try to silence the fraudulent reports about us that come with it. Destination Debt Solutions continues to provide the best customer service experience available, and our clients have and always will be our number one priority.”

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I do have to agree with the anonymous CEO that it is somewhat rare to find long standing A ratings with the BBB. And I also agree that every company is going to have someone who isn’t going to like something.

However that seems to be a horrible PR response by the company. Something in a more positive spin would have been much better in my opinion. It makes me wonder how many “naysayers” and displeased customers the company has and what fraudulent reports they want to silence. But that’s probably just me.

Since the CEO was not identified by press time I was left having to go spend more time looking around myself. I went to the State of Florida website to see who might be the CEO. The registration does not say. However it does say the managers of the LLC are Richard Bolandi, Brian Lammey, and Sabine King. The BBB identifies Richard Bolandi as the CEO. – Source

So while I was now looking around on their site to try and confirm the identity of the CEO I saw a graphic with the link the company had on the bottom of their site that said “#1 Top Ranked.” Of course that made me want to click on it. It takes you to a site thebestconsolidation.com that appears to only list sites related to Destination Debt Solutions or related entities.

The Best Consolidation'

The companies are Advance Alternative Canada who says they are located at 222 South Westmonte Drive, Suite 209, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714. – Source

That is also the address of Destination Debt Solutions. – Source

It also links to a site pdlchoice.com which goes to an entity at the same street address. – Source

And it also links to DDS Canada which again is at the same address. – Source

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Maybe it’s just me but it seems strange to have a page that says “The Top Rated Payday and Installment Loan Debt Settlement Companies” and have them all appear to be related.

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Now of course I was so curious I had to go look to see who owned thebestconsolidation.com.

It is reported as being owned by:

Richard Bolandi
222 S. Westmore Drive, Suite 209
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714

I hate to ruin the surprise but take a guess who is also listed as the owner of pdlchoice.com.

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