Is The Steadman Group Really Ed Cherry?

Earlier this month I received an email asking if a new website for The Steadman Group was really related to Ed Cherry. For readers who may not recognize the name, Edward Cherry has been a name floated around for some time in the debt relief world. You can click here for some past articles.

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I think the reader question came about because as they said they Googled Edward Gregory Steadman, the name Ed Cherry changed his name to, and it lead to something called The Steadman Group and a Linkedin profile that said Edward Steadman was the founder of The Steadman Group in Boca Raton, Florida. The Steadman Group is identified as a company in the “Marketing and Advertising” niche. – Source

The other coincidence is that Edward Steadman says he is a graduate of Nova Law School, which is a statement also attributed to Ed Cherry. – Source

From looking at The Steadman Group website at tsgroup.me it is a bit confusing how the company says their focus is something other than marketing and advertising. They say, “We focus on key sectors, including securitization of payment streams and funding infrastructure that has allowed us to achieve efficiency and economies of scale necessary for stability and future growth.” But at the same time identifies as a marketing and advertising company. – Source

Trying to solve the puzzle I emailed Ed Cherry 11 days ago and asked him if this was his company. By the time I posted this I had not received a response which was surprising since we’ve traded several very nice emails.

So to the reader who asked, that’s the most I can help solve the mystery for you. I’m afraid what we have is a conundrum of coincidence without any definitive answer.

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