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Coyle White Devine Solicitors is Trying to Collect My Dubai Debt in the UK. – Robbi

Written by Jon Emge

“Hi Jon.

Debt in Dubai I am sure you have heard many. I am in a situation that for 2 years I have had to fight all the collection agencies, banks abusing me and threatening me here in the UK whilst trying to pay my debt off.

I owe nearly £80,000 a lot and I do not think I will ever be able to pay this with the interest. Recently Coyle White Devine solicitors who seem to have jumped on the bandwagon on collecting debt from UK nationals who used to live in Dubai contacted me and issued me with one banks debt.

I have replied to them asking for all my documents and also asked under the treaty which they say they can collect the debt if the law also takes into consideration the abuse and threats I have received also. I understand i have to pay a debt but its in the UAE and i think it is unfair that they can enforce a CCJ on my file for that yet get away with having the banks and collection agencies in Dubai abusing people.

Hope it makes sense

How can a debt registered in the UAE be enforced in the UK and have a CCJ put on your file from the UK Based solicitors without taking into consideration the unlawful tactics used by the banks and collection agencies ?”


Just a couple of questions.

I am assuming you are now living in the UK?

Have you discussed any repayment options for the debts? Can you afford to repay anything?

I cannot comment on unlawful tactics used to collect a debt or any thing dealing with the law, however if a debt is sold from another country to a collector in the UK, they own the debt and can then collect it in accord with the laws of that country. Which for UK residents is better than trying to have it collected in some countries where the collection practices are harsh, and prison may be involved.

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If this solicitor’s office own the debt, then they can collect it here in the UK. This also allows you all the “debt scheme” resources available to UK residents. This means you can look at debt management plans, Individual Voluntary Arrangements, or possibly bankruptcy. All of which can help you either repay the debt, or have it discharged.

Let me know, and we will look at this in more detail.



Jon Emge is an experienced UK debt advisor who has helped thousands and thousands of people in the UK to deal with problem debt. Jon specialises in finding good solutions for problem debt using a variety of UK specific techniques.

If you have a question you’d like to ask about how to get out of UK debt, just use the online form. I’m happy to help you for free.

About the author

Jon Emge

Jon Emge is an experienced UK debt advisor who has helped thousands and thousands of people in the UK to deal with problem debt. Jon specialises in finding good solutions for problem debt using a variety of UK specific techniques.

If you have a question you’d like to ask about how to get out of UK debt, just use the online form.


  • Hi Carl. Email me [email protected] so we can talk. I am half way through with CWD so would be interested to see what you offered and what they rejected. This is a disgrace. I have a meeting with my MP next week and also. Solicitor who has been in the industry for 25 years. I have contacted the daily mail and I will not stop until someone hears this and understands the full story. To date I know a lady that is paying CWD yet still gets harassed by collection agencies in Dubai. How can This be fair ? This is breaking every law possible the abuse I still get also. Yet CWD do not care about this they just boast at how many judgements they are giving out etc etc and no one can defend themselves and this is not right.

    I would rather go bankrupt than pay them or the banks back after the abuse I received and still received

    • Hi there

      I have been following a number of the
      consumer forums where people have been posting their plight of being
      harassed and chased by CWD.

      situation is that I am still being pursued by the local banks and DCA’s
      in UAE as my debt is quite recent but I am fully expecting that it will
      be put through to CWD when they have exhausted their course of action
      locally in the UAE so I am carrying out research now so i can prepare
      for when that day comes.

      have been discussing this with a solicitor over the last few days my
      circumstances and the wider issue of CWD pursuing the debts in the UK.
      He thinks that what they are doing is wrong and that legally they have
      no right to pursue this by UK law and that it is only their bully boy
      tactics and that people cannot afford to defend themselves with a
      solicitor that they are winning these judgments.

      note in your comments that you are in negotiations with CWD at present
      so I thought I would share with you the basis for his argument to see if
      that helps you. His advice is as follows:

      Ask CWD to provide details of the proof of assignment in any agreement
      that provides the legal basis on which they can seek judgment in the UK
      on UAE debt

      2) He thinks the debts are
      not enforceable. People keep referring to the memorandum signed between
      the UAE & UK in 2013 but this is not something that is binding in UK
      or Common law. A reciprocal agreement is not something written in to
      UK law.

      Ask them what Act or Statute that is written in case law states that
      UAE debt is en forcible in the UK. Ask them to provide the case/quote
      including full citation and paragraph number

      He recommends defending yourself and applying to have any SD or
      judgment set aside for the above reasons. Most people are bullied into
      negotiating and agreeing a settlement with CWD as they can’t afford the
      costs of having a solicitor represent them so do it yourself.

      I hope the above helps and please let us know how you get on with CWD.

      • Hi Matt. This is great ! Totally in line with my thoughts and my 5 years of research now. My MP get in touch and has contacted the SRA as we try to push this through. I have explained the whole story over 5 pages and she has listened. Another solicitor Also has said the same like you have said. They are bullying because they know nobody can defend themselves and it is not fair. In regards to the DCA in Dubai then do not let them ground you down. I have dealt with them for 3 years and to this day still do but I fight with them and they do not like it. They are unbelievable and will not stop. I still have a few Emirati friends that are helping me fight them and just today the central bank of the UAE have got in touch to hear my complaint.

        • Robi,

          I think you are on the right track and on target. The fact a CCJ was obtained is not the surprising part and should not be counted on as a the way things need to be. Creditors are forever getting CCJs or judgments against people not because they are right but because the person does not defend themselves.

          Asking for the proof or evidence from CWD is critical here. If they can’t provide such documentation then all they are doing is being a bully as you describe.

          Interestingly requests for information from CWD by me have gone unanswered.

          As far as a 2013 memorandum the document clearly says, “This memorandum has no binding legal effect. It does not constitute a treaty or legislation, is not binding on the judges of either party and does not supersede any existing laws, judicial decisions or court rules.” and “There is currently no treaty in place pursuant to which either party’s judgments may be enforced by the other party’s courts.” –

          But even the document of understanding is geared towards commercial and business transactions, “The Memorandum of Guidance is designed to assist investors, businessmen and lawyers in the UK who wish to develop closer trade and investment links with the Emirate – and vice versa.” –

          Please keep posting updates here and keep up the good work.

          • Steve. Thank for your kind words it’s much appreciated. I am trying to help everyone in a fair and honest way. I have been bullied for 4 years as I keep mentioning and like I said I have had enough. Everyone I speak to say the same about CWD. Funnily enough I have just had an email from my MP who has emailed the SRA asking them to look into it so let’s hope something comes of that. I am just about to reply with my 5th letter asking more information and I will not do anything until everything is clear. Can you believe that they called me in work and when I approached the solicitor who seems to be dealing with the case he said it was a temp worker who should not have called. I have asked for the name and they will not give it to me. I have looked into everything and it seems also they only target and push hard those people who have assets and own houses as they know they can make money but with again not taking the facts from Dubai and the abuse into consideration

          • Any update on this….. I’ve just received my first CDW letter threatening county court action…. Planning to hire a solicitor so they don’t take the mick out of us but I have a feeling I may end up bankrupt between the debt, CDW charges and my own legal costs. Is it worth the fight….. Even though they have easily doubled the debt.

          • Hi. could you email me and i can share with you what i have so far and where i am at. The 2nd bank has come forward also and i have written to Mr Coyle. Interesting reply. I am thinking to set up a private site also so all who are dealing with this in the UK can share as i do still believe more needs to be done to protect the customer

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