Coyle White Devine Wants Money From Me in the UK for a Debt in Another Country

Question: Jon, Coyle White Devine chasing me for a UAE debt. Outstanding SME Bussiness loan taken out in a company name. This was a collateral free loan. I signed a blank security cheque from the company account. After a couple of years I sold the company on and through Dubai courts transferred the company trade … Read more

I’m Being Chased by Coyle White Devine for International Debt. Can They Do That?

Question: Dear Jon, I left the UAE in Jan 2016 with debt now I’m being chased by CWD. I need advice on where to go and what my rights are. Cusi Answer: Cusi, Unfortunately, we are hearing once again about more people returning the UK, or other countries, with debts they left behind in the … Read more

I’m Being Chased in the UK for Debt From the UAE by Coyle White Devine

“Dear Jon, Coyle and White have chased debt from the UAE and have served a charge on my property how can I get out of it and is it legal – it seems a common problem now this for UK citizens As above s it legal and how much do I pay or can I … Read more

What You Need to Know About Collectors Chasing You in The UK for UAE Debt

When you move outside of your native country you are said to be an expatriate of the country you are moving from. Many UK citizens move to various places around the world, some for work, some just to escape our weather. And one of the places many Brits move off to is the UAE. And … Read more

Coyle White Devine Collecting in UK on UAE Debt They Don’t Own

“Dear Jon, I left UAE in 2013 with credit card debts. Got work to pay the mortgage during the lean times and returned to take up another position back in UK. Could have paid them off but would have come back with nothing and needed support to take the new job so decided not to … Read more

Coyle White Devine is Threatening Me With Legal Action for Dubai Debt

“Dear Jon, I left Dubai in mid 2009 with a number of debts which I was unable to service (and still unable to service). I moved to Czech Republic from Dubai and have been here ever since. I have a bank account in the UK which is registered at my parents address. I guess because … Read more

Coyle White Devine Solicitors is Trying to Collect My Dubai Debt in the UK. – Robbi

“Hi Jon. Debt in Dubai I am sure you have heard many. I am in a situation that for 2 years I have had to fight all the collection agencies, banks abusing me and threatening me here in the UK whilst trying to pay my debt off. I owe nearly £80,000 a lot and I … Read more

Can My Dubai Debt to First Gulf Bank be Enforced Against Me in Scotland?

“Dear Jon, I have debt in Dubai, now living permanently in Scotalen and have received the below letter text – can they enforce in UK? specifically Scotland? Has anyone successfully defended a case like this? I’m sure there are many examples but I can’t find any positive or negative – any advice appreciated, Dear Sir … Read more