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Business Credit Card Debt is Not on My Credit Report. – Galina


“Dear Steve,

I’m current on my bills and so far have the job. I have most of my credit card debt on business account ( still don’t know how I’ve got them). They are not on any my credit reports( I’ve checked it)

The worst scenario I loose the job and can’t pay the debt if it would be reported on my credit report. And if there is a way negotiating with credit companies on lowering your interest rate or payment( esp one just raise my interest I definitely don’t want pay) without any action effecting your credit score and before the worst scenario happens


Dear Galina,

Your question is very interesting. But I’m afraid it does not give me enough information to answer properly. It is unclear if this credit card is issued by a business that you work for or if you are an individual business person and have applied for credit card in your own business name.

If you are an employee of a company that has issued you a business card it may not appear in your name since the company would be liable for the debt. However as an employee you would have signed an agreement stating that you are ultimately responsible for the debt on a business card. The employer could then come after you for the debt.

If you are in individual business and that you have applied for a business card and it does not appear on your credit report, that does not necessarily mean that you are not personally responsible for that debt. It really depends on the agreement that you signed, and what it said, to get the card.

If you were to lose your job all sorts of bad things can happen. You might not be able to repay the card. In that case you might fall behind on the card and your interest rates may be raised. The key here is really your ability to repay an obligation that you incurred.

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Maybe you can post some additional details about this card in the comments section to this question so I could drive you with a more targeted answer.


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  • Dear Steve,  I have a similar problem with business credit cards.  I was partner in a company until 2009 when I sold it to the other partners.  As part of the Dissolution Documents, they were to take responsibility for any credit cards of the business.  The business cards have never been on my personal credit reports.  Chase Visa declined the partners credit when they applied and said that I was responsible BUT they can not or will not send me proof that I am responsible.  They said they cannot give me company documents.  The company is now (3 years later) not paying on the card and Chase reported the late payments on my personal credit.  I knew nothing about these cards not being paid or that they intended to put them on my credit report in 2012.  The account was opened in 2002.  I want my personal credit restored and the debt put back on the company.  Do I have an agrument that the cards were never on my credit report until 2012 and I did not receive any notice and they will not give me a copy of the papers that they say make me responsible? 

    • It seems the issue is if the company you sold the business to ever really applied for new credit or just rode on your coat tails. I would bet the second option is what happened.

      You can continue the fight with Chase but if you do that you should start putting all of your communications in writing so there is a record of what you sent and they received. You may elect to send your correspondence by certified mail, return receipt requested.

      Alternatively, you should really consider getting a local licensed attorney to assist you with this. It could get very messy.

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