My Mother-In-Law Does Not Want to Go to Court. – Candy


“Dear Steve,

This is really on behalf of my mother in law. she has been served a summons for an old credit card debt. With penalty and interest fees, the debt is now at over $20,000.

Her only income is widows benefits which is around $1100.00 per month. She’s only got 8 more days before her time to answer the summons is up. She does not want to go to court if possible. Any suggestions?

How can we resolve credit card debt without going to court after a summons has been issued?


Dear Candy,

She should go to court and explain her situation. Take proof that her only income is retirement benefits. Not going to court does not change anything except she will be guaranteed to lose. While going can be scary and stressful, it is her only opportunity to provide her side of the story and her situation.

The court may rule in favor of the creditor simply as a matter of law, but then again the judge could tell the creditor to take a hike. You have everything to lose by ignoring this and nothing to lose by responding and going.

Otherwise, she can always pay the bill in full before the hearing or negotiate a mutually satisfactory payment with the lawyers.


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  1. I igored everything, pretty stupid, now the judge sent a letter to show up for court. Have I lost altogether or is there anything I can do. Capitol one used the collection agencies and lawyers for a debt that last payment was in nov. 2004 Texas is 4 years, and up until 2011 the last lawyers notice to me for money. Summons and Answer were ignored.


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