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  1. I would also like to add, that I got a tip on my website informing me that the Frascella brothers who currently operate payday loan websites own Langhorne. He believes they operate out of Claymont, DE. This is of course heresay since I was unable to find any information pertaining to this (if it’s true, it does not surprise me that it is on the down low). Please, if you find any information in regards to this let me know as this is a BIG red flag. How could someone create a company to help with the exact thing they’re causing?

  2. For some reason I haven’t been able to post to the forum. I apologize for the web address that didn’t work…I changed my domain name shortly after. Please see the new website.

    No need to be hasty, Luther. I changed my website domain name shortly after my posts on here. I have every right to exercise my first amendment when sharing information about this company who wronged me so greatly, even if you didn’t share the same experience. Hey, if the company worked for you, that’s great! Maybe they finally cleaned up their act. After all, I did file several complaints against them, filed a negative BBB claim, and partook in heated arguments between the president of Langhorne and myself, as well as the Client Rep for the company. Bottom line is getting out of payday loan debt is easy and doesn’t cost a dime other than what you pay back to the lenders. I learned all this the hard way of course, after throwing away nearly 1,400 on Langhorne. Not sure who told you this “document” for payroll isn’t free, but I have a copy and can send it to anyone who needs it…just send me your email address. I took care of all my loans on my own after getting nowhere with Langhorne for an entire year (they only settled two of my eight in a year despite my endless attempts to settle more). All documents that are sent to the lenders from Langhorne are public documents that anyone can send. Check out my website and see for yourself. (I spoke with the administrator of this site who informed me that posting my web address to this site automatically flags as spam and is deleted, which is why it has taken me so long to comment since I didn’t realize my comments weren’t being published.

  3. Laura, would like to have seen your (weebly) site, but its not being “published” at the moment. Could you republish this? Thanks.

    Anyway, I was informed by all my Payday Loan creditors that they will not work with any “for-profit” agencies (like Langhorne), and that they have a list of those they will cooperate with vs. those they will not.

    I was told that their company had posted bulletins in their office to all employees to “not speak or even acknowledge Langhorne.”

    The Payday Loan firms gave me a list of those companies they will work with (Care One, Alliance, CCCS, Discount Debt Services, etc.).

    I have noticed some firms (online) that claim they can relinquish your debts through partial (or full) grants and other federal programs, then settle any amount left over (if anything).

    • Sorry about that, Chris. I have been having issues publishing posts to this site because it’s being flagged as spam. Please see my comment below. I’m just waiting for the administrator to post it. Thanks!


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