A Question Update From Sarah – Communication, Relationships, and Debt

“Hi Steve-

I wrote you a few months ago regarding my upcoming marriage and fiance concerns. See I’m Getting Married But My Fiancee and I Don’t Seem to Be Money Compatible. – Sarah .

Here is an update: My fiancee and I were not on the same page. We sat down and had a long talk (at a restaurant to prevent yelling!) and we learned that each of us had some significant mis-communication and ideas about how the other should handle things including the debt.

While it certainly wasn’t a fun conversation it did get us set on a good path. We worked out a plan because both of us accepted that we wanted the debt paid off (at least the car, mattress, and CC) in a realistic and quick manner.

We sold the car and used a tax refund to pay the note off. We then rolled every dime we had (except for a $1000 emergency fund) into debt payment. I took extra shifts at work and on May 15th the last check cleared.

We paid off $19,265 in unsecured debt and car in 9 weeks. We only drive one car right now (paid for) and are re-evaluating our plan to attack the student loans as well as build a better emergency fund. It was hard but we were able to do it.

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Thank you for your hard work and encouragement.


Dear Sarah,

Thank you so much for the update. I’m so glad that the two of you were brave enough to have that conversation and as usually happens, it all worked out fine. The emotions and imaginations are worse than the reality in this type of situation.

I am so proud of you for writing, asking for help and listening to what I had to say in order to get you in a position where things are looking so bright, you’ll have to wear shades.

If anyone ever deserved a big hug, it’s you.

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