Get Out of Debt Podcast – Answers for Gina and Ernie

Questions Included in This Show:

  • Question From Ernie
    My hours have been cut back at work and I have been unable to get unemployment or any other public assistance to help with bills. I have exhausted my savings and now have recieved a garnishment notice for past medical bills that I couldn’t meet the agreed payments on. My 401K does not allow to borrow only allows to hardship. Should I hardship or cashout my 401K. I know either way I will pay heavy taxes but I can not afford the garnishment from my paycheck or bank account.

  • Question From Gina
    I can’t pay any of my bills, I have gone from almost 4K a month bring home to less than 1K a month bring home. I have creditors calling me all the time. What can I do?

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