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I’m a 37 Year Old Student, Working Part Time and Mother of 4. – Kim


“Dear Steve,

Student at 37, working part time and full time mother to 4.

I have just graduated with my associates degree and working (making $11 hr.). I have a daughter (14) and custody of 3 neice (8, 11, 12). Now that I am back in the work force I am wanting to start taking care of my old debt so I can at some point in my life buy a house.

On my debt there are repossed cars, medical bills, other bills. There are no credit cards and there are a couple of bank things that are just a lot of service fees.

Like I said I would like to try and get this taken care of the quickest way possible. But I am not sure of all of my options.

Some of the debt on my credit report is over 7 years old and has just been bounced around from one credit collection agency to another. Are they allowed to do that? Also, if it is a repossed car and they have resold it, how much do I owe on it, and do they have to prove how much they sold it for? Lastly, someone told me that even if I took care of some of the things they can keep putting it on my credit report even if it has been taken care of.



Dear Kim,

Well items should not be reported on your consumer credit report for more than 7 years from the date they were first reported. The way around this is that a collection company will report the item again with a false starting date.

As long as you keep an eye on your consolidated credit report and dispute those re-reported items, the credit bureau should remove them.

The only debt that concerns me the most is the repo. Generally auto lenders will send you a huge bill for the difference between what the car sold for and the amount of the loan.

I think a lot has happened to you in the past six or so years and the lender has not been able to find you. The most logical thing to do at this point would be for you to get a copy of your consolidated credit report and see what is being reported about you. most importantly, look in the public records section of your report and see if you might have been sued over the repo debt.

The car lender should be able to provide evidence of what the sales price was and documentation of what you owe. If they can’t you don’t need to repay it till they can provide that to you.

I have serious reservations about you being able to earn enough money to repay all those old debts in a reasonable or fast period of time.

The other thing the credit report will give you are the contact information for those old debts. The most important ones would be the old bank debts. You’ll want to satisfy those so you don’t get blacklisted and not able to open a new bank account if you had to.

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