My Ex-Husband Was an Authorized User on My Credit Cards and Ran Them Up. I Went Bankrupt. – Lauren

“Dear Steve,

My husband and I are in a Ch. 13 Bankruptcy. I filed because my ex-husband was an authorized user on my credit cards I had when we were married. He ran it up and we got divorced. I moved with my job out of state and had an outrageous car note that he agreed to help me pay. He didn’t help so he took it back. Well he ended up voluntarily surrendering it.

My husband’s situation is his ex-wife got credit cards in his name without him knowing and she ran them up. When she filed for divorce, she asked for either 1/2 of his retirement or he pay their debt. He thought it they didn’t owe much so he agreed to the debt. She ran up $30,000 on credit cards he didn’t know he had. Now, we are in a chapter 13 bankruptcy for 11 months. We are wanting to buy a house. Our credit scores are way less than they need to be.

I have disputed all of the negative items on the credit report. My husband has several student loans that are being paid through the bankruptcy and are late because of the Trustee’s disbursements. I have a lender that will finance us next month while in our bankruptcy. But we have to raise our credit score about 60 points. We each have 2 credit cards a piece we have been current on since January.

How can I raise my credit score while in Bankruptcy? After being in Ch. 13 Bankruptcy for a year, will my credit score go up?


Dear Lauren,

Sounds like you both got screwed over financially by your ex-spouses. Sorry to hear about that.

Since time is of the essence here to get the scores up I think you should get a copy of your consolidated credit report and order the credit score option. This consolidated credit report is the same one I use to monitor my credit score and report as well.

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The three bureau report will show you what all the credit bureaus are saying about you and will tell you exactly what is bringing down your score. Following that information take action on the items you can fix right away.

Also, your credit score is not the same with each credit bureau. By looking at the consolidated credit report you can see which credit bureau is giving you the highest score and ask the mortgage broker if they can use that bureau for your qualification.

Some mortgage broker have access to expedited credit report correction. There is a fee for that service but it can get errors that might be bringing you down fixed in days.


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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  1. Steve, We went to refinance our house to get a lower interest rate.  Our credit scores are high 700s…but…when we looked at our credit report we saw that my husband’s ex opened a credit card account a couple of months before he moved out and put his name on it. It is listed as a debt on our credit report. She has a balance of $38,000+ on the card but has paid the $600+ monthly payment regularly.  What do we do to get his name off this credit card?  She has many psychological problems and there is no constructive communication with her. What are our options?

    • It’s not a problem if you act quickly. Your husband must contact the credit card company and notify them he is the victim of identity theft. He should also contact the local police department and file a report of identity theft. The credit card company will most likely ask for this report and also his cooperation in pressing legal charges against her.

      And that’s where this often falls apart. The victim is not willing to press charges. If you don’t the debt is yours and if she stops paying on it the entire balance will be his responsibility.


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