I Have a Florida Time Barred Debt Issue. – Sally

“Dear Steve,

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Bit complicated. Am aware of time barred et al in Florida a note for $5, 000 secured by the promise that when property sold it would be paid note dated in 2000 was meant to honor the loan made by a friend. my property was due to be sold in 2007 by a sales agreement. we also fixed up the “friends property which was extsnive work project costing $11,500 in labor and supplies over a 5 month period. The friend hied an attorney to stop us from collecting the bill of $11.500 and then stopped the sales contract on our property so that it could not be sold. We are in court for that time barred note back in 2000 for the $5,000. But we have lost the sale of our property and have never collected the bill of $11,500 We just want it dismissed and we cannot afford legal counsel It has been very unfair

How do we get htis dismissed we have tried the venue being incorrect the note being time barred and the case law used as being inapplicable to this “note”


Dear Sally,

I’m going to go with “Huh?”

I’m not a lawyer, I don’t play a lawyer, I don’t know about Florida law and I’m the wrong person to ask. The right person to ask is a lawyer licensed in Florida.

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