I Owe on a Cell Phone Bill for Downloads That Are Not Mine. – L


“Dear Steve,

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There is an outstanding cell phone bill from more than 6 years ago that the phone co kept adding download charges to for a phone number that had been terminated by us. We tried to have the situation resolved and even offered to pay only what we knew we owed if they took the other charges off which they would not do. They said those charges were from a third party. We asked them how they could let the third party continue to charge to an account that was no longer active?

We don’t understand how they could keep adding download charges to a phone that was not in service and they knew it wasn’t. They have different collection agencies calling or sending letters for collection. I’m really tired of it but would like to know how long they can legally keep doing that before I can tell them the statue of limitations has run out and it be true.


Dear L,

Regarding the statute of limitations, you really need to ask a lawyer licensed in your state for a specific answer to your question. It differs by state and type of contract.

It does sound grossly unfair and depending on the size of the bill they are chasing you for I think the lawyer route will wind up saving you money and dealing with this situation in an effective and professional manner.

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