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I Just Signed Up For the Allegro Law Debt Settlement Program That Was Closed Down. What Do I Do Now? – June


“Dear Steve,

Considering the recent news about “Allegro Law” how would you advise someone who is in their debt settlement program? We just signed up for a 4 year program in March 2009 and have sent them $2400. Should we stop the bank draft and notify Allegro we want out.


Dear June,

If it is possible to stop the bank draft, do that now.

The Allegro Law situation is currently in flux but this is not going to end with a resumption of the illegal services they are claimed to have been engaged in.

For now I’m trying to keep all the news about the closure of Allegro Law and their debt settlement activities on the post Debt Settlement Attorney Keith Nelms with Allegro Law Gets Sued in Alabama. What I suggest you do is subscribe to the comments on that post for updates.


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