My Mortgage Was Discharged in My Bankruptcy But I Still Pay It. – Rae


“Dear Steve,

My mortgage was discharged in my bankruptcy proceedings in December, 2005. I have continued to pay on my mortgage per the credit agreement. I have two questions: Is there a way I can get my mortgage to start reporting to the credit agencies because I am paying on it even though it was discharged?

My budget is tight, I am presuming if I stop paying the mortgage, foreclosure proceedings will begin. If I do this, will the foreclosure adversely affect me in any way since the mortgage was discharged in the bankruptcy?


Dear Rae,

I need more information to answer your question. When a debt is discharged in bankruptcy it means that it is wiped out and you no longer have an obligation to repay this.

It sounds a bit like you might have been in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and the payment plan ended and you took over making your payments again.

Bottom line, the rule of mortgages is that you have to pay to stay. If you fail to make the agreed upon mortgage payment, you can be foreclosed on and evicted.

Please provide me with some additional information about this situation in the Related

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  1. Hi my question is if I filed Bankruptcy and had it discharged September of 2009, I did not reaffirm my mortgage but continued to make payments, it is under a VA loan, can I consider just up and walking away.. but I want to buy a new home before walking away.. how will that affect me?


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