Get Out of Debt Podcast – Answers for Angela and Her Concerns About Allegro Law

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Angela’s Question

Angela is very concerned about how to resolve her debt problems now that Allegro Law, the debt settlement company, has been shut down. Listen to the podcast, to learn what I had to say.

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Steve Rhode
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5 thoughts on “Get Out of Debt Podcast – Answers for Angela and Her Concerns About Allegro Law”

  1. I have tried to call Allegro Law about my accounts and I can’t never get a real person to answer the phone. What is going on with them?

  2. Thank you so much steve you are a breath of fresh air .Ireally feel I can breath easier having got your advice I hope my husband feels the same way

  3. thankyou for your advice and compassion one concern I have about bancruptcy is whether it would affect my husbands current business which is an llc.

    • Angela,

      Since his business is an LLC it is a separate legal entity it does not need to get dragged in to your personal situation. There are some finer points to review with the attorney so discuss this with the bankruptcy attorney when you meet with him or her and then give me an update.



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