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My Husband Was Forced Into Retirement and I Only Get Social Security. – Susan

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“Dear Steve,

They retired my husband this year so he only gets social security and I am on disibility.

Between the two of us we only get 2100.00 a month. He used to get 4200.00 when he was working. So you can see we are in great trouble. We never had trouble before this all hapened to us. We are both 63 and trying to work out a modification with our bank for our house. We have have credit cards that total 1200 a month plus a house payment of $891.0 We have an extra expense a month since I have to pay for my own medical. We don’t want to file bankruptcy as we want to pay things off ourselves seeing as we got outselves into this situation. I contacted our consumer credit concousler here and they could only get our credit down to 900.00 a month payment but we can’t afford that . Could you please help us with this situation as we are so stressed and want to do the right thing.

Look forward to hearing from you.


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