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I’m a Single Nursing Student But Can No Longer Afford to Pay My Bills. – Season

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“Dear Steve,

I am a 29 year old single, Nursing Student. I have had to take a severe pay cut due to the financial issues. I have recently cut and are trying to continue lower payments, just to make ends me. I current rent an apartment and lease a truck. I also have a mortgage that is in my name, but the deed has been transferred to other person who is currently making the payments due to my financial situations

I owe American Express approx $15K – I use to be current on all my bill, but due to recent troubles I can no longer afford to pay them. The phones calls have started, I have offered to try to pay them 10-20 a month, they tell me that they wont accept that. They tell me that they “wish me luck” and that I should consider filing bankruptcy. They also want to know who is making payments on my truck as well as my mortgage. I try not to answer those questions. I make minimum money. I dont know how to handle the situation or what I should do?


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