I Was With Allegro Law Debt Settlement But I’m Thinking of Going With Pacific Debt Now? – Shannon

“Dear Steve,

I owe about 26,000 on credit cards i was with allegro law no im getting out of that and thinking about going with pacific debt but i here watch out for big amount of fees upfront,the first 3 payments go straight to them but after that all money but 56.00 goes in my account

Does this sound right i need to find help now thank you


Dear Shannon,

I had not heard about Pacific Debt, Inc. before. I see from their site they are a San Diego, California debt settlement company.

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California has been working on new legislation to regulate debt settlement companies. You might want to read “California Debt Settlement Legislation AB350 Much Closer to Passing“.

What concerns me is that you went with Allegro Law, paid money, and lost out. Now you are trying to jump into another debt settlement scheme. Why?

If you have cash on hand to fully settle the debts right now then debt settlement can be a tool to resolve problem debts. But if you don’t have the cash on hand to settle and you are going to make monthly payments into a debt settlement company to try to save money up, it is simply an invitation to get sued and ruin your credit. This bad stuff will be on your credit for seven years and there is no requirement that any creditor participate with any debt settlement company.

If would be a far wiser investment for you to go talk to a local bankruptcy attorney you like. Find one and then make an appointment to go in and discuss your situation. Get better informed about the legal protections that bankruptcy offers you. Protections that debt settlement does not offer you.

Please update me on your progress by

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Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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