I am Completely Freaking Out About My Debt. – Heather

“Dear Steve,

I was laid off in May and now our family has no way to catch up or settle with these people. We had not been able to pay for 8 months and so now they have sued. We have met with an attorney who advises us to file chapter 7.

We have no assets except for the items in our home. Our exemptions total $6000., but out household inventory will go over this amount.

The attorney states that the credit company rarely pursues selling these items as they will not make enough to clear half of the debt.Is this correct? I do not want to see my children out on the lawn crying as the few toys they have are sold at a garage sale. Any advise would be appreciated as I am completely freaking out over all this. please help!!!


Dear Heather,

This is one of those times that our emotional brain is screaming so loud in our heads that we can’t hear anything else except fear and doom.

Your creditors do not want your kids toys, not do they want to host a yard sale and sell you stuff off. Both options are just not worth their time.

It sounds to me that your attorney gave you some good and realistic advice here. Listen to the attorney.

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For you, all of this is personal. For your creditors and their representatives you are nothing more than the next person to hit the wall. Nobody is judging you, but you. Nobody is feeling guilty, but you.

It’s not going to happen, but let’s say for a second that the kids toys were sold. So what? Worse things have happened to many, many people. This process is exhausting and depressing but nobody is on fire here and nobody is going to die from it.

Be thankful and grateful for what you do have, the love of your family and each other. And that, is more precious and priceless than anything else and no creditor can take that away from you.

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But seriously, nobody wants your used crap.

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