Can I Get Back Into the UK From India With My Bad Debt?

“Dear Jon,

I was on a student visa from Oct 2009 to Jan 2011. I owed a sum of 1500 GBP in total to 3 network, Littlewoods.com by taking mobiles and some gadgets. But I never paid back since I had no job in UK (Not intentional though).

I came back to India in Feb 2011. Now my company in India has planned to send me to UK for a period of 6 months in Business visa. Will I be facing any sort of problem from the immigration department?

Can I come back to UK after 4 years inspite of having debts back at UK?



Just a couple of questions, have you had any contact with the companies you owe money to? And if so, how long ago was the contact?

Have you obtained your business Visa or is it being processed?

Just having outstanding debts in the UK alone will not pose a problem with you receiving a Visa to enter the country, or your staying here.

Will you have the ability to repay the accounts?

If you can repay the accounts, or settle them for a lower amount, then you can contact the creditors in question to inquire about this. As it has been a few years since you left, the creditors may find it difficult to locate your account.

If you are not going to be able to repay the accounts, then in some instances it is best to not have contact after a period of time, unless they are contacting you, as it can stir up the whole collection process again.



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