Student Assist Plus / TFSC – Consumer Complaint – February 12, 2015

Consumer Statement:

Received mailed notice with specific information about my student loan as to amount, current loan holder and Obama Student Loan Forgiveness.

Called number and spoke with Student Assist Plus agent who presented a smoothly plausible consolidation concept. February 11, 2015, contacted again, and “I was understanding Student Assist Plus was agent for DOE”; needless to say, rushed through documents, electronically signed, and THEN in further questioning by me on particulars of monthly payments suspected a scam/fraud and immediately DID NOT CONSENT and was lead to believe by Student Assist Plus agent “revocation by me was consented and no “never deal with me or Student Assist Plus again”.

Immediate action notifying bank, closing account and waiting, watching, IF Student Assist Plus and/or TFSC Group enforce or attempt withdraw funds.

Consumer Action Taken:

Pursuant to documents from Student Assist Plus and/or TFSC mailed certified, return receipt letter notifying of Cancellation.

SAME DAY as documents electronically signed, spoke with confirmation agent for company who notified original agent who called me back to allegedly acknowledge my rejection and revocation. I do not trust Student Assist Plus to cease and desist and fear this will become a lengthy legal “misrepresentation” battle.

Date This Problem Happened: February 11, 2015

State You Live in: California


Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

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Company Name: Student Assist Plus / TFSC

Company Address:

8001 Irvine Center Drive, Suite 400
Irvine, CA 92618

Company Telephone Number: 888-380-6587

Website of Company: studentassistplus.com

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1 thought on “Student Assist Plus / TFSC – Consumer Complaint – February 12, 2015”

  1. I don’t understand the problem everyone has with these companies. I am currently employed by a company doing the same thing. I was looking into my competition when I came across this site. If they do the work for you, you pay the fee. You could file your taxes by yourself but most likely you pay an accountant because they know the best way to get you the biggest refund, we pay to have our oil changed when it literally takes a few minutes to do it our selves. There are a million things that we pay for that we can do our self, but we don’t, we pay someone else to do it for us.

    The programs that are being offered are real, some of them have forgiveness at the end if you qualify and stay compliant. If the department of education had your best interest in mind you would have been notified and enrolled in the right program that you qualify for when they became available.

    The truth is that these programs were passed for political gain, not to forgive debt. No one is advertising these programs to educate you about them except for the so called “scam” companies. The service providers don’t want you to know about the programs because they lose a ton of money. Don’t be fooled and think that they aren’t making money off you. They are raking in the dough.

    Think about it. These “scam” companies open an office (which costs money), build the infrastructure (which costs money), hire and train employees so that they understand the programs and benefits (which costs money), then spend thousands of dollars just to reach out to help people. Not to mention if they are doing it right the money goes into a third party trust account in the customers name until services have been rendered. I’m sorry but that seems pretty noble to me.

    I don’t know about you but I would pay someone $1000 if it was going to save me $10,000 and I never had to think about it again. Just my thoughts. What are yours?


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