Will My UK County Court Judgment Impact My Citizenship Application?

“Dear Jon,

Hi! I was living in UK for about 3 yrs and was back to my home country in 2013. I had a few unplanned overdrafts and a mobile contract on my name which i ignored paying since i hardly had anything with me. Now, I am married to a UK citizen and expecting to move UK in 2015. Believe I will have a ccj in my name.

Will that affect my visa file and my future job prospects in UK? Also will they take hold of my spouse for my debts?



Your debts are just that, your debts. In the UK a spouse is not responsible for their partner or spouse’s debts unless the account is in both names. So no worries there.

Currently, getting a spousal Visa in the UK doesn’t take into account debt or credit, however, immigration rules are changing all the time, so you may want to speak to who is handling the Visa for you.

For the majority of jobs in the UK, having a CCJ or poor credit is not an issue. Jobs in banking or other financial sector jobs, it may be an issue.

Later on if you seek out naturalisation in the UK, the CCJ may be an issue for the “good character” portion of the application.



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