We Have a Lot of Debt But We Don’t Want to Go Bankrupt. – Heather

“Dear Steve,

Due to my husband losing his job and my being off work at times for medical reasons, we hve a lot of unsecured debt. We do not want bankruptcy. We have to refi our house next year so I don’t know what to do. we have about $50,000.00 in debt.


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Dear Heather,

Your options are limited with the requirements you’ve given. If you have to refi your house next year and keep your credit getting better then your only option is to pay down your debt by paying at least the minimum payment each month, on-time.

All other solutions may result in an impact to your credit report. Of course the reality might be with your current situation you can’t make ends meet and that will hurt your ability to refi next year.

In that case, sell the house now, rent, and deal with the debt without fear of getting a new mortgage.

Please update me on your progress by

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Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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