How Did Bilkish Associate’s Find Me in Pakistan?

“Dear Jon,

I was residing and working in Saudi Arabia from 2004 – 2010 and once I went on Final Exit from Saudi Arabia to my home country (Pakistan) I have few liabilities of Saudi British Bank of almost 4000 Saudi Riyal (1000 US$)

In 2013 I came to Saudi Arabia again on a new visa to start a job …. my job was finished in June 2014 and till now I am jobless and searching for a job ….

Couple of months before I received a call from Pakistan (from Bilkish Associate’s representative) and they asked me to clear my debts of 4000 Saudi Riyal as the Saudi British Bank investigated about me and they found my mobile number through their some resources

Though they promised me to help me to reduce the due amount but still I wonder that how they got my new mobile number of Saudi Arabia and secondly what is the proof that they are real genuine and really looking for me on the behalf of Saudi British Bank?



How collectors and other companies get your mobile number can be through a variety of means. Lists of phone numbers are sold on a regular basis. Even the mobile companies themselves use the numbers for marketing and other things. It can seem odd, but if you owe someone money, in trying to collect it they could obtain your details again through a variety of means.

As to finding out if the firm are genuine, you could contact the bank you original owed and inquire about the account. Also, the company chasing you for payment should provide you some documentation that they are collecting the debt, things like original balance and creditor, etc.

I hope this helps.



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