Student Assist Plus, Trans2Pay, Student Processing Center – Consumer Complaint – June 3, 2015

Consumer Statement:

Sent a letter in the mail that said “Federal Student LoanConsolidation Notice”. I called the number (855)296-8133 on Feb 2015.

I spoke with a guy of Student Processing Center. She mentioned that I would qualify for the Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Plan, and for my my full name and address. She also asked for my social security number. I gave pause and asked why it was necessary and she stated that it was to confirm my identity and for my forbearance request form. She then asked for my pin number to access my student loans. (I did not know it and she “guided” me through a process to retrieve it. I was clearly not aware that she must have been accessing my studentloans.gov account in a roundabout way.)

Upon reviewing whatever information she had at her disposal, she stated the exact amounts of my remaining student loans with their respective interest rates. She then asked for my Adjusted Gross Income in 2014, my marital status, if I claimed any dependents, and what type of consolidation I was interested in (faster repayment terms or reduction in monthly payments) and I replied the latter. She then proclaimed that Student Assist Plus could reduce my monthly payment to $29.99/month through the Department of Education’s Federal Programs via an ICR (Income Contingent Repayment).

I was so excited that my monthly payments were reduced so I said I was ready to consolidate. He mentioned that there was a “loan closing cost” of $599 that was broken up into a few payments, or that if I was willing to pay it all at once it would be reduced to $599. I chose the 3 payments option and charged it to my credit card.

He then transferred me to another rep of Student Processing Center, who asked me to agree by saying “YES” to numerous certain statements that he verbally read aloud to me. (basically stating that I agree with what rep #1 mentioned throughout the whole phone conversation. Unfortunately, I said yes to everything.

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Rep #2 then said he would email me a forebearance document for me to hand sign and email back along with proof of income (pages 1 and 2 of my 1040 form). I sent these documents.

On Wed, april, I decided to activate my supposed “new” account with “Trans2pay LLC”. I received a letter from them a few weeks ago welcoming me with instructions on how to access my account. I logged on to their homepage, and immediately I had a gut feeling that I was scammed–their website was out of date (2012 watermark). I proceeded to try to email and call the contact info given on the site, and both are dummy accounts.

I then decided to google all the companies I had contact with and company information that they gave me: StudentProcessingCenter.com, StudentAssistPlus.com, trans2pay.com. All of the websites appear EXTREMELY fraudulent. I then looked up student loan scams and my experience matched 100% with several examples that were mentioned on sites.

I called fedloan and the rep for rep loan told me I was being scammed that my monthly payment is zero right now yet student assist plus charged me $599 plus 30$ a month.

I also called my bank and explained to them that the $599 payment was a fraudulent charge from a well-constructed scam and that I am strongly disputing it. They are currently investigating this bogus transaction. In addition I disputed the two payments of 29.99 which I didn’t authorize. This company just decided to removed 30$ a month without my authorization. I called student assist plus and left a voicemail. I expect a call from them first thing in the morning and I expect a full refund of 599 plus the two payments of 29.99. I want all my information removed from this company’s database. I’m furious it was all a scam !!!!!!!!

Consumer Action Taken:

I called company and no response yet.

Date This Problem Happened: June 2, 2015

State You Live in: Florida

Race/Ethnicity: Other

Age Range: 21-35

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Total Amount of Fee Paid: $658.58

Company Name: Student Assist Plus, Trans2Pay, Student Processing Center

Company Address:

Company Telephone Number:

Website of Company: StudentProcessingCenter.com, StudentAssistPlus.com, trans2pay.com

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