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Retention Law Center Runs Into Issues

Bitch Slap
Written by Steve Rhode

The Connecticut Department of Banking has just published a consent order with Michael Mazal, Esq and Retention Law Center.

The consent order says, “Mazal is an individual, who at all time relevant hereto, was the sole-proprietor of Retention Law Center, a purported California company, with an office at 16808 Armstrong Avenue, Suite 180, Irvine, California.” It additionally says Retention Law Center was operating in conflict with Chapter 669 of the Connecticut General Statutes, “Debt Adjusters and Debt Negotiation.”

The consent order says “Mazal shall repay $3,300 to the Connecticut resident identified” and if Retention Law Center wants to continue to offer service, they will need to obtain the appropriate license to do so.

Mazal will also need to open the checkbook some more over this one client, “No later than February 1, 2016, Mazal shall remit to the Department of Banking by cashier’s check, certified check or money order, made payable to “Treasurer, State of Connecticut”, the sum of Twelve Thousand One Hundred Ninety-six Dollars ($12,196) as a civil penalty.” – Source

Lesson learned yet again, when it comes to debt relief services, you don’t fuck around with Connecticut.


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